I am a pimp warrior.

I’m absolutely hooked on Pimpwars.

If you’ve played any of those online games, with turns and all that, and you like the idea of bein a hustlah, let me know. I’d be happy to pull yo ass into the alliance, word.

I am curious.

Okay, lets test you.

Name three pimps besides:

Super Fly
Huggy Bear

Leona Helmsley

Pimp wars is indeed the shiznat

Hail Pimp warrior.

WTF??. ok sounds interesting, count me in.

I’m assuming you are talking about http://www.pimpwar.com

Does it become unavailable often? I was playing for about 10 minutes, and then my browser said that it was offline.

Pimp War

Indeed, folks. Same place, Hastur.

My alliance is StraightDope, fittingly enough. Join up, let’s bus’ some caps and jack some Hoes!

Hastur, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelmed, actually. I’m hoping that they find a way to upgrade.

What city are you in? I’d like to join an alliance.

I’m in NYC right now. My Pimp Name is BigBabyJesus, in reverence to O.D.B.

I’m MistaPimpDaddy.

I’ll get to NYC as soon as I and my 'hos can afford it.

Take yo time, I jus got all jacked up, some mufuh done ganked all my lowridas and killed my thugs. All I got left is a buncha pissed off hos and enough rock to stop a clock, word.

What would you recommend having the whore payout be? I put mine at 42%. My whores are at 100% happiness. Suggestions?

I have to take some of these bitches in Beverly Hills OUT.

I keeps my bitches at 30%, and I make sure there’s a supply of rock on hand.

Do you think they turn it out more if they’re happier?

Not really. I’m going to turn them down to 30% and make more rock. I wish there was a pimpslap feature. And I wish that I could have some male whores as well. It would amuse me.

I turned them down to 33% and now my hoes are at 82% happiness. Theyu’ve got shitloads of condoms, and 121 pieces of rock… They really don’t rake in the money.

well, I shall have to jack up the payout!

I think that with a little intellect behind it, we can dominate the game, by god!

For some reason, Pimp Wars will only work in IE. It always comes up with an error in Netscape. Does anyone else have this problem?

Yo Mack Daddy Cyni! I need you to invite the Pimp_Mistress on into your alliance, yo. :wink:

Hey, BigBabyJesus, could you reinvite me to your alliance, yo?