I am an alcoholic

The thing that I do, once every 2-3 days, is to drink to gross excess and reach out to anybody who will talk to me late at night. Any takers?

What’s on your mind?

Thanks for responding. Lots of things are on my mind. One thing I’m wrestling with is Hillary vs. Bernie. Another - is medical marijuana bullshit, should we just be agitating for recreational marijuana with appropriate taxes? Climate change - it seems like carbon taxes are the only way to tackle this thing, but how can we do this in a progressive way? Also if there are any interested ladies who would like to chat, please message me privately. Thank you for your attention.

OK, I’m a drunk dickhead, forget I said anything. Thanks for acknowledging though, I won’t forget it.


I like his politics, feel she is fundamentally dishonest but mainly… I couldn’t stand looking at/listening to her for 8 years… OMG that would be horrible.

But if anybody has any alcohol-consumption related advice for me… I am all ears. I don’t drink every day. I drink about every 3rd day, about a liter of whiskey. I always regret it. I know I should quit. But apart from that, any thoughts?

I feel like the only thing that matters is getting 3 SCOTUS judges approved in the next 8 years. I think Hillary could get that done, but I agree much more with Bernie’s platform. That’s a thing I wrestle with.

why do you want to quit?

Why not quit? Drinking doesn’t benefit me. It harms my work and family relationships. I don’t know why I do it. But it’s hard to resist.

Bernie has integrity. There’s no reason to think either he or Hillary will be an effective executive. I would prefer more choices, but having none I’ll go with the one I respect.

There are some legitimate medical uses of marijuana, that’s been long established. Objective testing of marijuana for medical purposes has been very limited for a long time so there could be a lot of medical uses we don’t know about. Or not. Nothing wrong with doing the research to find out.

Taxes don’t change the climate. For a revenue neutral support we have to switch all the fossil fuel subsidies to subsidizing clean energy. Nuclear only if we have no alternative. We need to take risky steps to increase plant life on land and in the sea. We should be seeding the oceans to produce more algae and coral growth, and planting evergreen tree everywhere possible. If we try to sequester carbon with technology we’ll fail and make the problem worse. We are going to need new taxes to pay for the problems already created and that will afflict us for years before the situation changes.

Ladies, have you met HMS?


Well IDK if you’ve ever been to AA. It can help you stop but you have to believe in “God”. A god of your own definition. Other than that it is kind of like a big social club.

How do you feel when you aren’t drinking? Do you feel relief when you start?


ok, you said taxes don’t change the climate, and then you said “we are going to need new taxes to pay for the problems already created.” Which is it?

I’m always willing to make friends, but I’m already taken.

I reject “God”. I guess I’m on my own.

the 12 steps can’t be done without “god” :frowning:

When I’m not drinking, I feel pretty good. And I think I’ll feel even better when I start drinking. And I do. But the next day I feel like shit. I’ll look at this thread tomorrow and probably feel like an asshole.

Thanks all for engaging. My main deal appears to be loneliness, so all replies help. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll regret how I’ve presented myself here tonight, but thanks for being here now.

Well… you wouldn’t be the only lonely person here. I’ve moved and it’s a year alter and I still don’t know many people.

Where did you move from, and to?

So hearing that, well seeing that actually, but I’m trying to imagine we’re just hanging out and talking, it sounds like you are still missing something when you’re sober. Does your brain seem to click into high gear when you start drinking?