I am fed up with my sex drive

It has been getting higher and higher for a few years. And nowadays I am so annoyed that it brought me to the point that I create a thread on the internet.

Even after 5 minutes of masturbation I still have the desire to do it. For 5 minutes I am OK and relaxed. But right after 5 minutes I feel the strong and unpleasant (more like an agony) feeling of not having partner and start to feel emotionally attracted to females.

I am no looking for a medicine or medical help. NOT AT ALL. If there is something natural I can do such as diet, I want to know.

Thank you

Wanting intimacy and companionship is a normal part of the human condition. If that really bothers you, you need more help than an internet message board can ever give. Seek therapy.

It helps not.

There is something natural you can do: Get a girlfriend (assuming you’re hetero).

Seriously, it was when my own frustration reached the breaking point that I decided to ger off my butt and go out there into the dating world and do whatever it took to meet women.

Better yet, get married. That will kill it deader than dead.


Knowing your age and gender might help give us some context as this happens naturally under some of those parameters.

I will offer up that all desires and quenching of desires are fairly closely related. It’s sometimes possible to take the edge off of one desire by satisfying another (sleep, eat, drink, breathe). Also, any excessive energy can often be burned off in unrelated ways such as exercise or other projects that require intense effort or focus.

This doesn’t sound like a libido (sex drive) issue. This sounds like a lonliness one.

Marry someine you hate.
The thought of sex will make you sick.

Jerk off all you want, but not to distraction from all the other wonderful things life has to offer. Don’t cheat yourself of the beautiful sunsets, the happy children playing, the sweet old people whose day you’d make with a little bit of your company. But, if it’s rainy out and the old folks have turned in, beat that dummy like it owes you money.

Oh sure, be my girlfriend so I won’t have to beat off." Those are the words a girl wants to hear. Lives to hear. Needs to hear.

Okay, this is one of those things that hits the right button at just the right time. My fuckin’ eyes are watering here from laughing.

Oh, fuck…“Beat the dummy…” Hee hee hee

Coulda sworn it was* flog* your dummy.

No you flog the Bishop.

I thought the bishop got polished?

Ooh, aren’t we hoity-toity?

I just choke my chicken.

Knobs get polished. Or is that gobbled?

Somehow, I don’t think that was quite what Mary Norton had in mind with “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” but I could be wrong.

I don’t know about you, but I “punch the clown.”

What kind of wierd ass birthday parties did you have as a child?

personally, I talk to rosie and her 5 friends.