I am Just Asking Questions, and I am not a troll


I wanted to start out on the boards telling you about myself. I was a member on the SD boards on AOL back in 1996 or so, but I went away in a huff after getting flamed (it was a nice Huff, a 1957 with a V8). I had thinner skin back then I guess. I found the board again about 2000, and although I never felt like becoming a member again, I have been a lurker ever since.

I wanted to get this out there so when someone accuses me of being a sock because I ‘know too much’ for a newbie, I can point to this post. I was ‘there’ for all the big events (except Jack Dean Tyler-somehow I missed that, but I do get the references to the tug ahoy). I know about posting while under the influence of mushrooms, I know about ‘penis ensuing’, about 1920s death rays, about not fighting the hypothetical (and about Don’t Fight the Hypothetical). I read along with the cesario kerfluffle, I read every ATMB thread arguing with the mods. I know about Rio by Duran Duran, and that Abraham Lincoln liked cheddar cheese with his pie.

I finally decided to start a membership because there are some things you just can’t find on the internet, and I have seen the board answer some of the most impossible questions (like one where someone posted a picture of a statue but didn’t know where it was, and within 20 minutes someone provided the answer.) I have some questions that I just can’t find the answer to, and I want to see if you all can help.

So I picked the name “Just Asking Questions” because that is what I want to do, but I know that people who JAQ are usually conspiracy nuts. I am not! I know we landed on the moon, I know Oswald shot Kennedy, and I know how the WTC was brought down.

So again, hello all. Maybe I can answer some questions along the way as well.

JAQ (you can call me Jack)

Welcome Jack! Or, welcome back as the case may be. Ask questions. Answer questions. Bring pie. It’s all good here!


I already found a question I could answer, in Cafe Society! But then I asked one. So I’m unbalanced again.

And pie good!

What do they say about the three biggest lies?

  1. The check is in the mail.
  2. Some of my best friends are …

Or, something like that.


I thought it was 3) I’m just going to pop off to Asia for a quick land war.

What a great intro post! Welcome aboard.

Thanks! I’ve seen a lot of your posts over the years, and Little Nemo’s and **Beowulff’**s as well. Now I’m in the ‘club’!:cool:

Wait a minute!

So… you have PROOF of Oswald shooting Kennedy? :dubious:

I was THERE man! My memory is my cite!

Good enough for me.

[groucho]Are you sure it wasn’t a minute and a huff? ::waggle::[/groucho]

Do you have any questions for me?

My cat barks all the time. What do you think could be causing that?

The dog.
A long time Lurker? I loved Fulham Fallout

Just stay away from don’t ask. Scientists have some theories about what would happen if the two of you collide, but I don’t want to be around when it happens!

Probably a hairball. They always have hairballs. You should shave your cat and see if that fixes the problem. :slight_smile:

Welcome back Jack. My name is Jill. Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you, too. Nice you clarified your name is Jill. I couldn’t call you “Honey” without feeling like I was a hash house waitress. “Want some coffee, honey?”:slight_smile:

I just gotta ask: how can anybody lurk here and not feel the urge to join up?
That would be like reading Playboy just for the articles. :slight_smile:

And welcome back, your friends have been waiting.

I guess I’m the immovable object in this equation so I suppose I should avoid threads by Just Asking Questions. It’s a shame because I quite liked his/her online persona. Still, what the world needs is more important than what we need.

Happy posting **JAQ **.