I am so damn good it hurts!

Now that my personal ego trip is over for the moment, I have some news for you all.

I made the Honor Roll! :smiley:

Everyone pat me on the back, if you would. My arms are getting tired of doing it all the time.

Yes, out of a total of 75 people studying to become 1A3s, there were 8 people on the Honor Roll. And I was number two in my class, so that makes me a top ten percenter. Now I just need to get Top Graduate. Then I’ll be happy.
Thanks for your attention, and thanks in advance for the ego-stroking.



:: sniff ::

Yeah, I went to the gym this morning.

:: flexes “biceps” ::

Yeah, I’m a little sore

:: does another flexing pose ::

But not enough to raise my “bulky” arm and pat you on the back.

Good job, Mr. Smarty Pants

[note: I just went to the gym this morning for day #2 of weight training - oh yeah, baby, I’m bulking up already, I can feel it! har har]

When I was down there for my 3C0 school, I was only number 4 in my class. :frowning:

Congrats, and good luck on top grad. :wink:

you go flyboy!!!

(I graduated third in college tee hee)


Sheesh. Lets hope Aaron gets his smarts from his daddy and his looks from his mommy.

Well, he could get his smarts from mommy too come to think of it.

Just what was your role here? :wink:

Seriously, congratulations. You should be proud!


Voice of Overbearing Parent: :mad:

So why couldn’t you make number 1? I hope you try a little harder next time.

Sweetheart, I am VERY proud of you! Aaron would do well to take after his old man. :smiley: :cool:

Keep up the good work!


Congrats, but… what’s a 1A3?

But, do you know how to head space a .50 cal.?

Ooooh, congrats! Did you get a gold star on your report card?

Hoo-ah, Airman! Now, don’t let all those forbidden delights distract you once you get off phase!

1A3 is the first three alphanumeric indicators of my AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code, FYI). The entire code is 1A3X1, and when I graduate the X becomes a 3.

As this class will earn me my enlisted aircrew wings, it’s a BIG deal. This is not widely known, but most people in the Air Force DON’T fly, so this is somewhat of an honor for me.

Shagnasty, I am gonna try harder next time. I want to be the best.

Spavined Gelding, no, I have no idea. I just shoot the stuff, I don’t load it.

Lucretia, what forbidden fruits might those be? I’m already spoken for. Robin keeps me on a tight leash. When she’s not making me pie, that is. :wink:

Eve, the only stars I see are on hats and shoulders.

Zappo, I hope Aaron takes after his mother, since having me as a role model is gonna be weird enough.

And last, but most definitely not least, my beloved Robin. I have to keep up the good work, otherwise I won’t be worth a damn to you or Junior Birdman. :slight_smile: I love you, and I’ll talk to you later.


“Eve, the only stars I see are on hats and shoulders.”

—[Mae West voice]: “An’ in my eyes, big boy.”

Whut the hell is the Air Force doin’ using leet speak?:wink:

[sub]Good on ya, Dave:)[/sub]

Congrat - I’m properly impressed!

Yay, you!! :smiley:

The real fly boys are in the navy, ain’t they?

Glad to hear of your excellent accomplishments ** airmanD**. See what happens when you give up jerkin the gherkin all day :wink:

That’s what I keep trying to tell him, but he just wouldn’t listen! :wink:

[sub]I love you, Dave[/sub]


Hey, congratulations to you, Airman! [sub]or should I just call you Dave?[/sub] Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

Woo hoo, Dave!

Congrats, man. And you probably will make Top Graduate, you overachieving wieneroid.

(uh, just kidding with that “wieneroid” comment)

Oh, Dave, you truly are a newbie if you think the only way to have utterly irresponsible fun in tech school is sex! :wink:

You are hard by New Orleans, right? Well, okay then…