I am thankful

I was gonna start a thread about how thankful I am to be posting here. And I am, really, but something happened on my way to the forum…

I was at the 7-11 a little bit ago getting some beverages for myself, the ball & chain and her family members who are here today. A very dishevelled guy staggered in out of the cold and snow and begged me to buy him a donut or a sandwich. I was shocked to be hit up in a store for money (usually panhandlers know better). I had my hands full with milk and soda and I was surprised so I paused; as I was trying to figure out what to say, the clerk screamed that he was gonna call the cops so he left.

I felt horrible. I’m not a bleeding heart who gives money to everyone with a sob story. Actually I almost never give to homeless people because I have no idea what they’re doing with the money but I could have - and would have - bought him a sandwich and donut which would have cost like three bucks.

I looked outside after I made my purchase but he was gone. I said a prayer for him and went on my way.

Anyway, the episode made me thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my stomach and good friends and loving family members who would be there for me if ever I didn’t have those things. It really put a holiday that I usually write off as “food and football” in a new light.

We’re from Spain, so no Thanksgiving here. But I think we often forget how lucky we are… these are some lucky things that recently came up in conversations with relatives.

When I got my current job (deployed in Costa Rica), my youngest brother started counting countries I’ve visited and countries he’s visited. He’s thankful he’s been born in a time and age when you can go to the US from Spain to visit your sister and come back in the same week.

My other brother says he often includes in his thank-you prayers a mention to having been born in a country, day and age when the pneumonia he got at age 3 was cured within days.

I’m thankful that I’ve got two great brothers, a very nice SIL (hey, we’re never going to be best buddies, but we get along fine which is more than I can say about some families I know) and a cute little just-born nephew. Oh and all those other relatives… but it’s the brothers that I spent years praying to God for and they finally arrived. I’m also thankful that my parents didn’t do that bad of a job or so I think. And that my new job is something I like and that I like most of the people it’s put me in contact with.

My SIL says she’s grateful she can see her feet again and that her baby is healthy and cute and has all the right parts (specially after the scare she got in the last ultrasound, when the doctors saw something funny, but in the end it wasn’t anything strange, just a normal process they didn’t know about) and eats like a truck driver.

Mom says the baby is so cute, can’t get her out of that line since he was born :smiley: first grandkid.

The grandparents say they’re happy they’ve got each other. They’ve forbidden each other from dying first, so the whole family hopes they won’t up and die in a train crash or something, it’s not the other passengers’ fault.