I am the ____ in the ____ of life.

I am the central hydrant in the kennel show of life.

Metaphorically speaking.

Streaker; Awards Ceremony

Hero. Videogame.

Gimp. Pornmovie.

Stallion. Stud farm.

T-shaped key. Sardine can.

I am the “Do Not Remove” tag in the mattress of life.

Full of unimportant information, and basically useless, but it’d still be unlawful to have me “removed”.

Cue ball; pool table

Always getting shoved every which way and all.

Tap. Keg.

Grit; lettuce.
Worm; spinach.

punch line; comedy.

I am the consumer fraud action in the collection case of life.

(a little bit of legal humor. . . very little)

I am the rat feces in the popcorn bowl of life.

I am the persistent and painful itch in the hardest to reach place of life.

Flotsam; Ocean

Daydreamer; Classroom

I am the referenced uvula in the pregnant pause of life.

I am the Open Door button in the farted elevator of life.

i am the pork in the beans of life.

I am the round peg in the square hole of life.

I am the accordion in the string quartet of life.

also …

I am the bull goose looney in the insane asylum of life.

I am the frustum in the pyramid of life.

I am the fingerhut in the mail order catalog of life.

I am the Arthurn Dent in the in the “Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy” of life.

I am the dot in the Dr Pepper logo of life.
(go look at a can, you’ll see what I mean)

I am the zit on the otherwise clear complexion of life.

(I stick out, but not in a good way)

I am the pineapple in the produce section of life.

Uninvolved, chaos