I am The Hijacker! what are you?

In other words, what is your Dope M.O.?

Polycarp is The Saint.

Esprix is The Gay Guy.


Lieu is The Poopy Guy

Davebear is The Sex Addict.

Kn(*)ckers never wears pants.

Alice in Wonderland loves pets and has a great rack.

Raisenbread always posts in green, or blue, or something…

Coldfire is a big smelly jerk.
If you’ve been here a while, your style tends to show up.

I can’t stay on subject to save my life. One thought just leads to another, and before you know it…

So, nominate yourself. Nominate someone else.

If you haven’t been here long enough or posted as much as others, join in anyways. This isn’t a popularity contest.

Just give me some Dope M.O.s

Well, I dunno…

I am the “slight hijacker”. I don’t MEAN to be, but just like the OP said, one thought leads to another and then, well, I just ramble on like some blathering idiot.

I think that’s what I am. I could be the Thread Killer too, 'cause it seems that whenever I post to a thread, it DIES, DIES, DIES!

SIGH, maybe I’m just too sensitive…

I’m the resident moron who people tolerate only because I’m so damned adorable.

I am :cool:
Or, at least I use this little guy often…

I am the Lovecraft fan with a small problem with the whole empathy towards other’s misfortunes.

I see myself as others see me: seldom.

Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor is He-who-knows-all-current-events, or he just reads the paper a lot.

I am… The Cleaner.

** fizzygoodmakefeelnice**, huh?

man, I like that name!

I am the Grammar Police and the Casino Queen!

DeVena --how do you get over 1000 posts in under 7 months on the SDMB?

I am:
the galoot

so serious, you don’t know when I’m kidding

a bicycle tire stuffed with pimentos

recently retired

Not really that surprising. Look at me and Q.E.D

I am…

The lurkiest lurker. I visit the Straight Dope every day and I only have 166 posts since June of 1999 (hey, I just had an anniversary!). That works out to 0.11 posts per day, which I’ll bet is one of the lowest on the board. Of course, I have no way to back that up, but this is my post, so there.

Well, the interesting thing about accent shift in many of the Dakota dialects is that they seem to be a reflection of contact with native speakers of American English. In other words, the native language is being spoken with the same stress pattern as American English. Even more interesting is that in one dialect (Stoney) there are speakers who exhibit variation between the original, native stress pattern and the more widely used American English stress pattern. Whether this is a “transitional” dialect or is more reflective of specific communities with strong language ties is currently unknown.

Damn. I can’t believe I posted to the wrong post again!:wink:

I don’t know what I am anymore. I’m a semi-lurker now, but I used to be The Welcomer, I guess.

Kinda lame come to think of it.

I am…

… not here much anymore.

The Cat?

I am the walrus.
Goo goo gajoob.