I cannot f*cking STAND...

Rachel Griffiths.

Dunno why, really, just know it’s so. She irritates, annoys and repels me in every single thing I have ever seen her in.

Anyone with me?

And who can’t you fucking stand?

If I found out that someone savagely beat Dr. Phil to death with an antique carved-ivory phallus the size of his own giant ego, I would send the prison that they were sentenced to $50 in cigarette money for them.

Jason Alexander. He had the unique ability to screw up anything he’s connected with. The guy ruined Bye Bye Birdie, for God’s sake, something that high schools managed to perform with ease.

I think she was born to be Brenda in Six Feet Under and I thought she did okay in Muriel’s Wedding, but I still think she looks like an ostrich.

Carson Daly. I think the fact he has a lucrative career when anybody doesn’t is at least proof of Deism. He’s only good for parts and he’s a smoker so you better get those quick.

Rob Schneider. 'Nuff said.

Here’s a twist;

For years I could not stand Gilbert Gottfried.
And then,
I heard his take on the Aristocrat’s Joke at the Hefner roast. Wow, the guy is a humor legend!

So, maybe perhaps, sometimes what is total aversion can suddenly turn into admiration and respect.

I still loathe Meryl Streep, though . . . .

Every woman on The View.

Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan
Nicolas Cage

Someone strong enough to lift that blunt instrument is clearly from Krypton, so you’ll have to be sending your cigarette money to the Phantom Zone. >_>

I like her, but that unnecessary “s” at the end of her name is annoying.

I might have been able to agree with the OP, if it were not for the fact that a woman I have loathed for a very long time played her nemesis on Brothers & Sisters and that made me naturally root for Griffith’s character. I think the only reason Patricia Wettig got the job and her character allowed to take over the whole show was because she was screwing the director. Her character was practically a Mary Sue “Oh, honey, I don’t want to play a homewrecker unless she can be a multi-talented smart business woman who also paints and drives all men mad with desire, even the guy that hasn’t admitted he’s gay yet.” Her voice, her face, her acting just drive me insane. I gave up on the show a while ago because I realized I couldn’t stand any of the characters on that show, not just her. Recently I started watching old reruns because they were on just before Stargate Universe but I can’t take it and started going to bed early rather than wait for SGU.

On the male side of the spectrum, I cannot stand Jamie Foxx. I get the impression that guy had to buy a second mansion just to house his ego.

I’m right with you. I can tolerate Whoopi, but barely.

The chick from Life on the D-List is right near the top of the list for me.

She’s an acting legend, blah blah blah. But I. cannot. stand the. breathy. way. she. talks. It seems like a big act.

I assume that the OP is explicitly excluding people who are designed to be annoying and have no redeemable qualities, like Andy Dick.

Helen Hunt.

There were a few years where she seemed to be in every movie made. I hope she grabbed enough cash to retire.

Kevin Smith. He’s an arrogant dick. Wouldn’t mourn if he got decapitated by a helicopter.

I also don’t like Seth McFarlane, but for no real reason. He just bothers me.

Seth MacFarlane
Terence Howard
Juliette Lewis
Judah Friedlander

Piers Morgan,

thread over.

Vince Vaughn. I enjoyed Swingers in spite of him, but he shouldn’t have made any movies after that. He has absolutely zero range and by all rights should not have a career.

I was thinking of starting a similar thread, only mine would be irrational hatreds. For no reason at all, I really dislike Bruce Willis, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Nicholas Cage, etc.

ETA: Also Eric Clapton!