I can't believe they shut down TOP (The other Place)

There was a MoveOn.org petition to shut it down!? wtf?
Hope I find a decent home here - I’m a refugee :confused:
dig this

Are you kiddin me?

I also think kicking Alex Jones off of YouTube was JENSORSHIP
this shit freaks me out:eek:

That depends. Are you cool?

ETA: Nevermind, I hadn’t seen your second post.

Heh. Wut?

yep it’s for speaking your mind and voicing your opinion
I really liked it , it was totally free speech

am I cool? very

“Jensorship”? Please tell me that was a really weird typo.

Nothing says, “I’m very cool” like a highschool goth nick.

Notes that this thread isn’t about Giraffe Boards after all.

Wanders off, bored already.

What’s wrong with your opinions and your mind that would get you in trouble in other places?

Read the rules, follow them, and don’t be a jerk==you’ll be fine.

Don’t read the rules, don’t follow them, and/or be a jerk==bye Felicia.

The calculus is pretty simple, though some apparently struggle with it.

I can’t wait for some “speaking your mind totally free speech”! Can we get a sample?

Skywatcher, that’s really impressive.

The guy I took it from did join here but only posted for a few months in 2009. He’s really busy.

Color me stupid, but…I don’t get it.

That’s what I thought it was about.

BTW, black helicopters ARE real. One was flying over my neighborhood yesterday. It probably came from the National Guard base on the edge of town. :rolleyes:

If you saw it, then it’s not one of the ones you have to worry about.

Want proof? None of your neighbors got abducted and spirited off to secret Biden Bunkers, did they?

See, no problems…

… yet.

Ugh. I feel like changing my username already.

Any chance this is someone who was already familiar with you?