Bless me Dopers, for I have gone and done it.
It’s been one year and seven months since my last haircut…

And now it’s all gone. I sat down on Sunday and closed my eyes as the snipping began and at least ten pounds of hair hit the floor. I now look semi-respectable.

I feel so anti-counterculture.

(Actually I think with this new haircut I kind of look like John Lennon circa Strawberry Fields, so it isn’t all bad)

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the haur of Jack Batty… :frowning:

So…are you feeling a little light-headed? :smiley:

What, is it catchy? I did the same thing a few weeks ago. So now I have spiky, crazy anime Billy Idol hair.

Still blonde, or did all the blonde get cut out?

Nope, no blond. All the blond I had left was at the ends, the doomed portion, if you will.

Now I’m all natural. Brown. It compliments my eyes nicely.

Ok Jack, i expect pictures on my desk before class at 10 am sharp!

Gee jack, you’re like way dreamy, i bet you look so groovy.

What was the reason for such a big decision?

Ask anybody with really long hair, and they’ll tell you what a bitch it is to wash it, and keep it under control. It would take me fifteen minutes of lather time just get it clean, and I could easily burn through about three combs a week.

And I got sick of it being in my face all the time. I can’t wear my prized baseball hat at work so that wasn’t an option.

Besides, not to divulge too much about my hygenic proclivities, but I’m not too much of a shower-every-day kind of guy. And that second day my hair would resemble the inside of a can of Penzoil. So now I can go dirty every other day and my hair still looks ok.

Actually, it was all just a phase.

Oh, and Doob, I’ll see what I can do about zyz possibly whipping out his digital camera so I can update my people page.
[sub]Jeez, a guy comes out and he gets all horny … go figure [/sub]


I had long hair for a little while. Pretty much a “my parents can’t stop me anymore” kind of thing. But my hair is very thin, and I am on an express train to Baldspotville, so I got rid of it because it wasn’t the most fetching thing for me to do. Nowadays, I can’t imagine ever going back to long hair.

You better!

[sub]and i didnt need to come out to be horny…i already was![/sub]


I had my tresses clipped a couple of months ago, just prior to starting my current job. I did it for practical reasons. Long hair is not conducive to dealing craps. It would fall in my face, and on a really bad day, it would drag the layout while I was paying the line and the boxman would complain that he couldn’t see what I was doing.

My hair is strangely slippery. There has not yet been made a clip or barette that can contain it. If I use a rubber band, strands escape one by one and within twenty minutes,it would start to look really messy and unkempt.

So, I had my hairdresser apply the scissors a bit more vigorously…

I like it.
By the way, who did that song, “Almost Cut My Hair”? I haven’t heard it in ages.

When I was in cegep I grew my hair kinda long, long enough to require a ponytail. Unfortunately, my Korean mom and my Scottish dad have chosen to fight it out in my hair, the result being that my hair, though a rich dark brown that bleaches out to red & gold, can’t decide whether it’s straight or curly. I couldn’t comb the fucker at all and with the goatee I looked like a comic-book store owner. Or Worf. So I cut it off. Now I go to the barber’s every coupla months to get it chopped off short so I can keep track of it with minimal effort, otherwise it boinks out at the side and develops spontaneous cowlicks and other horrible things.

Well, a major haircut can be dis-tressing, but I’m sure it’s a weight of your mind.


Whoo! I know what you mean about the ten pounds. I wore my hair long (~3" above my belt) for 11 years. And went in one day and got it cut short!

I remember experimenting with moving my head around - definite difference. And washing it was not the every other day ordeal any longer.

I’d had a beard at the time, as well, and off it came that day (trimmed to mustache). I kind of enjoyed being able to approach my friends without them recognizing me.

To this day, though, I still find it a pain to go get a haircut.

Enjoy, man!

If all the hippies
Cut off their hair,
I wouldn’t care,
I wouldn’t care…

That little jog down memory lane stirred the dust enough to recall a brief moment from ~1971. A friend (one of two lead guitarists in my band) and I went to see the Allman Brothers (nobody was dead yet). Dickie Betts had short hair, and my friend commented upon that, “I wish I was that secure.”

You’re nothing but a tool of The Man now, dude. Time to trade in your skateboard, your Playstation, and your sense of self, you freakin’ sell-out.

[sub]Oh, wait…I forgot that I cut my hair short a few years back when I got a new job. Um…forget what I said. Short hair is an, um, act of rebellion against the oppressive norms of a society that now accepts long hair. Yeah, that’s it. Short hair is the new long hair, man.[/sub]

Hey, I steal have an earring.
And a tattoo.

Dude, now that you cut your hair, I’ll start going to Dopefests. The only reason I didn’t go before was because I didn’t want to hang out with no longhairs.

You just dont want to hang out with us at all. We all see how it is, the way you look at us with that evil eye!

Me too,

Two weeks ago I chopped off about 4 yrs of growth. It was a little traumatic, but I like my new short hair. Such a breeze to take care of.