I did it...... its over.

I called him today and asked if her was busy (he works at home) and if I could pop over.

He met me at the door, and I handed him a box of stuff he had left here… and said “this isnt working out”.
He nodded.
I said: “You arent suprised.”
he said: “no”
I said: “well, that was easy. No hard feelings, I wish you well… take care.”
He replied in kind and I left.

The whole breakup lasted two minutes flat.

As Manda JO said in this thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=70153
I think he told me about his parents disapproval to force me into a position where I gave up, so he didnt have to.

What a gutless wonder!!

Did I dodge a bullet there or what? I feel so releived now its pathetic. I REALLY didnt want to hurt his feelings, but obviously he doesnt have any feelings that his parents dont give him anyway ~shakes head~ he seemed so promising.

Its already like I never went out with him at all…

I wanted to love him for all the things thta were right about him, but couldnt… I thought there was something wrong with me that I couldnt fall madly for such a wonderful guy, but MAYBE it was some sort of self preservation… some survival instinct that just knew there was something wrong with this one.

So here it is, the edge of summer, and I find myself single again… this time I dont mind so much.

Thanks for the help on the other thread, which I didnt want to dredge up since the OP (Should I break it off) is now a done deal.

wow. it’s good to hear things went easily. would you like a cadbury mini egg?

I wasted three years on a nice guy who wasn’t right for me, never was, never would be, and when we broke up, it was the same kind of feeling for me - relief that I wouldn’t have to agonize over what to do anymore. On the plus side, because I broke up with him, I was free and single when I met my (now) fiance 3 months later. It’s an old cliche, but I think it’s true; when it’s right, you just know it (and the flip side; when it’s wrong, you also know it, even if you spend a couple of years convincing yourself otherwise :))

Kelli, I wouldn’t say you dodged a bullet. I’d say you dodged a potentially life-ruining artillery shell. Congratulations, and I’m glad you aren’t suffering for what had to be done.

You did learn a very valuable lesson in all of this. You are a fun, loveable person who CAN have a good time and be with a man, just not THIS man. (I think prior to this relationship you were doubting that). Take good care of yourself, and try not to get too all in a funk over it. You met one nice guy, you can meet more!

[nasty catty voice] Besides, you don’t want a man who can’t shit without asking his mommy’s permission- trust me on this one! [/nasty catty voice]

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I am not gonna let it bother me, I feel only mildly bad, and thats due to the way I REALLY wanted it to work out. On paper, he was perfect. I felt like a big failure that I couldnt find the love in me I THOUGHT I should feel.

I went out with mom today, and I felt years younger! Like a huge burden has been lifted from me!

I cleaned the car out tonight to get ready for camping season - I am just gonna leave it packed to go at a moments notice. I plan on being very busy with the kids this summer!

I hope my ex’s parents find him a nice sheltered virgin who will they will be happy with.

I truly hope I dont turn my boys into apron-stringed puppets like that. (Mom actually said she refuses to die just so she can make sure I dont!)

Thanks again…


Well, you don’t know me from Adam (gods, I hope that’s not your ex’s name…), but I just thought I’d pop in and say that when I read your original thread, I hoped you would end it. I didn’t say anything then, but now I feel free to say: you made the right choice.

Break-up’s can be very hard on people. I’m glad yours was relatively painless. It will make it easier to move onward. I"m glad for you.