I Didn't Log Out of the Library Computer--Should I Worry?

We recently got a new internet service. That is why I haven’t been posting on these boards for a couple of weeks. Then rather unexpectedly, it came time to renew my charter membership.

First I tried to see if I could do it at a library computer, but decided against it for security reasons. The only thing is, I logged on to the library computer as Jim B.–and never completely logged off! I know when you completely log off, it says “all your cookies have been cleared”. So I may have inadvertently left a cookies text file on this computer.

Anyways, first chance I got, I changed my password. Will this protect me from having unauthorized people use my username? Also, would the library itself delete my cookies first chance it got (my father suggested this might happen).

I am not hysterical about this, but it has given me cause to concern. So anyone who has any advise to give, please feel free to do so. And thank you all in advance for this.


I dunno, but it’s never a good idea to stay logged in to any public computer; you always need to be sure you’ve logged out totally, cleared everything, etc.

I can’t speak for library systems, but I know someone who can and I’m going to ask her to step in and take a look here.

In any event, changing your password was a very good idea.

your humble TubaDiva

Unless this is actually somebody from the library trying to get some dirt on Jim. :dubious:

If it helps, I once changed my password while I was at work. When I got home, I had to relog in to the Dope because my cookie was no longer valid.

If you changed your password, it shouldn’t be possible for any further damage to be done. So unless someone already vandalized your good name in the window between leaving the library and changing your pass, you’re fine.