I GOT A NUMBER!!! But...

Today at my telethon, I was makin eye contact with these girls across the room and one of them gave me her number but…


Please… shoot me :frowning:



Sorry to hear that, actually. Happened to me too many times over my many years…

But then again, I think about 80% of those were deliberately giving me a wrong number…


I don’t write them down, I let them do that. I never trusted my hands or my hearing… or my brain as a relay either for that matter.

I always have them write it down as well. That way, I can pretend I remember thier name.

I just came to the realization that I’m the horniest guy on earth

I once wrote my number down for a pretty young thing who asked for it. She never called. I saw her again three weeks later and asked why she never tried to contact me. She said she tried but that when she called it was a pizza place. In my nervousness I had transposed two numbers.

Moral: Always let the girl write down the number.

Nope, I am.