I got Joost today - just a few minutes agfo, in fact

And I’m probably the last one at SDMB to do so. It is all so new to me that I haven’t really bounced around to get an idea as to what Joost offers.

So could you tell me what you like/hate about it?

Any tips on surfing would be appreciated.

WTF is Joost?


Woah, this looks pretty neat. Now if only some awesome person would spare an invite…

beam looks around

I will do what I can to invite you, malkavia. My only problem is I don’t know how. But I’ll check. (Do you have any idea as to how I could invite you? I know, I’m stupid, but…)

In the meantime, do what I did. Google on Joost and look for a hit that puts you on waiting list. I did that a couple of months ago (maybe less) and forgoy all about it.

Today I got cleared to download. BTW, malkavia, you might want todisable your firewall before you download. Ask our Computer Mavens here at SDMB about that. My download was troubled with hold-ups, snags, etc. But I just kept pushing and I didn’t diable my firewall.

I’ll get on Joost to see what the Invite-a-Friend-Protocol is.

No, you’re not the last Doper to. I haven’t really even checked it out, either. It looks interesting, though. Unfortunately it looks like a lot of the channels aren’t even available in Canada. Bastards.

malklavia, I searched and found that there’s a procedure for it, but at the moment, I don’t have invites, yet, and don’t know when I will. Which figures since I just joined today.

When/If I do get ‘invite status’ I can email you, but in the blank that Joost would have me email to you, I would need your first and last names and email address.

I imagine you could use a believeable pseudonym, which would be okay by me, but your email address would almost certainly have to pass muster at Joost (i.e., not a phony one).

Do you want me to put your first and last name (phony or not) and email address in a tickler file so I could check every week or so for invite status?

If yes send an email to that effect. If no, that’s fine.

BarnOwl, would you do the same for me? I’m really curious about this…


But the more I think about it, the more I’m a little uneasy about this exchange of personal info, so…

Instead of sending me your name and email address, wait until I tell you (and Malklavia) that I have invitational status. Then, if you wish, you can supply me with your (phony?) names and email addresses.

I’ll put your SDMB user names in my Outlook program to check weekly for Joost membership.


Sounds fantastic. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

I am so stupid! I misspelled Malkavia about a zillion times.

! apologize. Please forgive me.

“So, what have you watched on Joost?”

Joost invite thread:

Just one of the things that was running when I tuned in - something about being thirty years old. Piece of crap.

I’ll check Joost out more thoroughly starting tomorrow and thereafter.


I tried the links (as you suggested).

I just invited myself using this link from one of the other threads

Joost invite yourself

How to go, VenusProbe!!!

My son is visiting, so I showed him Joost, and in the process, showed him how I don’t have Invitational capability. Honest to God, I then discovered that I do!!!

Then, just as my wife called us to the brunch table, your post came in. So immediately after we ate, No. 1 son went to the URL in your link and downloaded Joost to his laptop.

He’s watching Joost on his computer as I type on this one. Thanks very much.

So, malkavia and Kythereia, use VenusProbe’s linky and load up on Joost!!

But if it doesn’t work for you, let me know. Like I said, I can invite you now.

I just tried it through my gMail account via my PDA, and whaddya know, I got an invite. I’ll have to download and try it out when I get home from work this evening. Thanks, VP!

Well, I tried it out. It’s not bad – streams well, with few interruptions. Needs more programming, and I really wish they had the Alliance Atlantis sci-fi stations in Canada. Not bad though. Interesting, at any rate.

True, it does stream well, but what about content? I haven’t sampled enough of this network to have arrived at a firm opinion, but from what I’ve seen, I wonder if the programming is like Cable and Network - mostly ka ka.

Well, from the bits I sampled, there are a lot of stations, but:

A) There are lots of international stations that probably won’t interest a most people,
B) The content on each station is fairly limited,
C) Not everything on any given station is going to be particularly interesting.

It’s very diverse, I’ll give it that, but apart from some movies, short films, music videos, comedy routines/shorts, cartoons, and other such things, there isn’t a lot there you’d be inclined to watch on a regular basis. There are no real TV shows, for example, unless you count specialty station programming (sports, lifestyle, etc.). You won’t find regular network shows, so right now it’s just a mess of specialized niche programming. They have The Onion News Network, though. :smiley: Being that it’s all on-demand however does give it a bit of an advantage, and while there are commercials, there seems only to be one ad per break. The breaks are rather abrupt though. They need to smooth that out.