I got new glasses, and lost a friend

I got new glasses yesterday. I was IMing with a friend and mentioned this. She said what kind? I said Malcolm X glasses, and showed her this link. She paused for a minute–long enough for a google image search apparently–and came back with, “You mean like this?”



No . . . that was no friend.

That’s not malcom X. That’s Denzel Washington. :smiley:

Although, to play the Devil’s Advocate, one could argue that a true friend will tell us the truth. Perhaps she wanted to make sure you were aware that those glasses are coming back with the middle-aged has-been comedian set and didn’t want you to be caught unaware. I mean, if you got the at Pearl Vision, you could still return them. Perhaps she was doing you a favor, letting you know that your choice may not have been the wisest.

Is it just me, or is the friend’s response clever as hell?

It’s not just you.

lissener, your friend was doing you a favor.

Watch it…we’re all going to be on Lissener’s ignore list after this thread.

Hey, I like those glasses. My 97-year old great-uncle has them too, and he looks real spiffy!

Sorry, but you are getting Tom Arnold glasses if you’re getting Malcolm X glasses, pretty much. Deal with it.

Were you actually going for thislook? Remember, it’s the smile that makes the look work.

Which of those two pictures do you most resemble? Just asking …:stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the one in those glasses with a “well worn” Hermes scarf and a cane constructed from frozen kittehs.

What did she google to find that picture? I can’t make it come up, but I have safe search turned on.

Good to know I wasn’t the only one.

Geezus Krist, Malcolm is sexy.

I have no idea what this is referencing, but the idea of a cane made from frozen kittehs makes me laugh out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just be glad she doesn’t think you look like this.


Maybe the manufacturers will do what Mambo did with their Loud Shirts which were taken off the market because the company felt that they didn’t suit their image because “although the Loud Shirt line has had a great run, now days it’s being seen as only being worn by middle aged guys at BBQ’s.”