I graduated!

Hey, you can do all sortsa stuff with that. Drive a cab, wash dishes, work in tech support. The uses are unlimited. :wink:


Woo Hoo Spidey! A rousing cheer for you…

Hip Hip Hooray!

Let us all know when you get your job. We’ll have a widdle partay…

I finally got going on my cleaning, and it just makes me realize how dirty the place really is. It should be declared a disaster area.

dropzone, vix, trade, FairyChatMom, oldscratch, and Zenster, glad you could drop by!

Thanks for all your warm wishes. I wish you were all close enough to come to our Central Minnesota Dope Fest tomorrow.


Way to go, Spidey!

My warmest congratulations, Spider Woman!

With your newly acquired skills and your wonderfully warm and outgoing personality, I’m certain you’ll have no trouble whatsoever in the job market.

You rock! :wink:

Thanks,** MysterEcks and Cajun Man**! I’ll let you all know what happens next in the job search.


WhooHoo!!! That is so awesome, Spidey!!!

Me and mrrobyn will be seeing you here in a few short hours!!! Now we’ll have something else to celebrate!!



Big congrats, Spidey!!

Congratulations Spider Woman

I like this thing

So would this be your friend, the ant


Atta girl, Laura!!! Am so happy for you :slight_smile: You know we’re going to make you celebrate today, right? :smiley:

msrobyn and sandyr, see you very soon. Cumber and P G B, thanks for the congrats, and P G B, I love your ant!


Well, if my parents hadn’t dragged me away kicking and screaming when I was four, I could and would.

  • Congratulations ya lil arachnid you!! * Say somethin’ in a ‘gadjeeatin’ voice will ya??? I think that is just so kewl!!! :wink:

I’m not sure. Was I or was I not oogely?

WTG Spider Woman!

Congrats spidey! I started off temping & worked my way up with a part time computer diploma to full time tech geek (since my marine biology degree was so useful! :rolleyes: )

Congratulations, Spider Woman, from another psych grad turned computer geek!

Way to Go!

Now we’re watching “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” with Kevin Spacey and John Cusack.

I’ve seen it before, so this gives me time to reply while everyone else is occupied.

Thank you, Anti Pro, Rysdad,** Silo**, fierra, and KimKatt! I finish my testing at Kelly Services on Monday or Tueday, and then I’ll have to wait and see what the demand for my skills is like.

Rysdad, I didn’t think you were at all oogely (I think Bob made that word up), and we were all sorry to see you go. PuRpLe PrIdE also had to leave, but he is home posting.

KimKatt, does your computer work ever have much to do with your psychology degree?


Hey - great job, I’m very proud of you for sticking with it! I hope this will lead to wonderful opportunities and success for you.



You rock! I hope nothing but good things come of this. :slight_smile: