I hate this product and,

A friend of mine bought one them. I’m waiting for the Mace Windu model. I tried his. It does look and feel like a REAL Lightsaber. It’s totally friggin sweet. So I went looking for a pinata of the training droid for next party. It makes perfect sense. How ever a non-violent Darth Vader pinata does not.

Are you serious? When I went at a pinata as a 6 or 8 YO girl, I WHACKED that thing. KA-POW!

Now I want a pinata. Oh yeah, non-violent pinatas are stupid.

And crossed legs.

Well, I think the point was that lightsabers, however regrettably, do not actually exist, therefore nothing can “feel like a real lightsaber.”

That said, those things are fucking awesome and I want one for me and each of my friends for the next time we have a beach bonfire.

Obligatory but not necessarily entirely relevant Spamusement link.

A pinata ya can’t whack. To me it makes as much sense as decaffeinated coffee and non-alcoholic beer. :wink:

Maybe we could make a Piñata Pinto: hit it in the ass and watch it explode.

Sponsored by Ford.

Or a hooker you don’t have sex with.

You do mean “explode” as in “blow up”, right?

You’ve obviously never seen the Darth Vader sprinkler. “Let the Dark Side defend your lawn against summer heat!”

You eat non-violent pinatas for breakfast.


I don’t think glasses would break a pinata.

Okay, I know what I want for Christmas.

I hit pinatas as a little kid and besides randomly hitting small, colorful donkeys to get their sugary insides I turned out fine.

Pssst…dude. Use your inside voice.

Depends. Were there beans served that day?

Yeah, that’s right up there with school teachers who are encouraged to call pipe cleaners “chenille stems” – because the word “pipe” encourages kids to smoke.

“…Confection Horse.”
:stuck_out_tongue: snort

Let us know when it arrives. I mean, let’s face it, when it comes to badass light sabers, no one tops that one!

If I wasn’t so damn proud of the sig line Ivylass gave me, I’d be asking permission to use this. Somebody must adopt this as a sig line. It deserves a good home.

Non-violent pinatas have nothing on these folks, who make me ashamed to be a citizen of Alemeda county. Here are some choice quotes:

“My daughter wants a pinata for her birthday. I like the pull string kind, but still have qualms about all that candy.”

"Then, fill small plastic bags with the favors and put a sticker on each, then put those in the pinata. This way, kids search for their “match” (you could also write names on the bags instead) without as much of a mad rush and conflict over what’s fallen on the ground. Wendy "

“I’ve read about people combining a dose of candy with fun toiletries such as travel toothpaste”

“We once went to a party where the mom had made really nice little party bags - one for each child attending and those were in the pinata. This also stopped the rudeness, madness and grabbing for candy or toys that usually happens with a pinata - the part where someone gets hurt feelings and it seems as though some kids get more and others less.”

Fair? Madness? Toothpaste? Groovy?!?

When I was a kid, I was definitely the unathletic sort and my only chance with the pinata was to hang around the edges and hope to find the stuff the other kids missed (I ususally ended up with quite a bit, actually). But pinatas were still plenty of fun!

I think there is a valuable lesson to learn from pinatas, which is that it’s not how much you get, it’s how much fun you have. Pinatas are already a game where everyone wins. Why the big need to make it even more fair? Learning how to be a gracious winner or a good loser is an important skill. I have a friend that was raised in an aptmosphere like this, and at times it’s intolerable. When we play video grames or something and he wins, he gloats. When he loses, he pouts and says he doesn’t want to play and generally acts like a whiny bitch. If he had a chance to learn that this kind of behavoir is socially recieved as a kid, he wouldn’t be working this all out now when adult friendships and jobs and stuff are on the line.

This is the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title. Just replace “I am a vampire” with “I hate this product.” (Warning: sound) Oh, Zebra, I pine for you!