I have Un-Flounced; Flame Me Thus


I’m un-flouncing. I plan to engage the community on purely intellectual grounds and avoid personally attacking anyone or devolving into ideological mud-slinging. Basically, I need to stay out of the Pit as much as possible.

Sorry for the letter spectacle. If you want to flame me, please feel free to use this thread as your forum to do so. I won’t try to defend myself and I accept the public flogging that is due.


Didn’t you leave?

Well, then I don’t have to worry about you reading this:

Nothing’s more annoying than a re-flouncer.


Given the choice of reneging or coming back, it’s really more disappointing that you came back.

What exactly is the point of this thread? To get even more attention? Congratulations, you’ve succeeded.

Never heard of you.

Have you registered as an un-flouncer with your local police department? I believe that is required before you can post again in the community. Stay 1000 yards away from any school or day care, and maybe we will be able to help you.

Maybe we should have a stickied thread for folks who want to announce their departures and returns. If they really deem it necessary.

Sad to say, you’re still going blind. Good thing is, the blindness happens before you grow hair on your palms, so you won’t have to worry about the sight of that.

Who knew bridges have revolving doors? (The question, of course, is not directed to Acsenray.)

Doors that remain working even after the blaze!

Don’t care.

You’re very boring.

It seems like people who apologize for flouncing and agree to flounce no more should be encouraged, not beaten up. Shouldn’t they? I know he/she said he/she would accept the flogging, but maybe we shouldn’t flog too hard. That’s nearly as bad as flouncing, no?

“Flounce” seems like it should be a type of fabric. “Announcing our new line of flounce pullovers!” It would be softer than fleece. A little puffier. Flouncier somehow.

I’m gonna say no.

We hardly got the chance to miss you.

Also no.

You can do that?

Your very first post when you came back was in the Pit.

Maybe take another couple weeks off.