Flouncers and Their Steeds

I figured I’d go ahead and compile a list of flouncers as I come across them, just in case anyone wants to add them to their ignore list. Because they totally aren’t coming back, right?

To be clear, this isn’t for people who just stop posting or people who have complaints, but specifically for those who state their intent to stop posting by… making another post. If you don’t like this forum, then by all means leave. Maybe I will join you some day. Nothing wrong with that. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be back? But if you don’t like this forum and want to take as much of it down with you as you can on your way out, then fuck you and the horse your rode in on.

So here’s hoping the following people will kindly just shut up and ride off into the sunset already, like they’ve promised:


If anyone else comes across any flouncers, please feel free to add them to this thread.

Yep, you’re an ass.

Greyson probably won’t flounce as the issue was resolved and I think Ellis said he’ll be back for Football at least.

I’m sorry, I tend to think if someone says “I’m done,” then they’re done. It’s not my fault for taking them at their word.


But, hey, there’s a one-year qualification on that flounce, so maybe I’ll make use of the ignore list feature that allows for a time limit. Gosh this new board is great!

What on earth is this for? To “shame” people who got a bit frustrated, and try to “embarrass” them when they come back?

As far as I’m concerned, the only purpose this thread will serve will be to remind me that the OP is an asshole every time it pops up.

Oh, gee, maybe I should flounce then, and try and drag as many people out with me as I can? Would that be the appropriate way to respond?

Because that’s what these people are doing. They’re trying to drag as many others away with them as they can, and it’s a wonder that any of them could ever conceivably show their faces around here again after something like that.

And why would they be embarrassed? They’re gone, right? They’ll never see it.

Unless, of course, they’re full of shit, but I certainly wouldn’t want to go into a flounce thread and accuse them of lying, because that would be against the rules.

I think flounce threads/posts are bit tiresome, sure; I also think trying to get something you want prioritized by describing it as a “dealbreaker” isn’t a great look when people are obviously working hard to make this all work. But people get frustrated sometimes.

I also think starting a thread to try shame people who got frustrated and maybe overreacted is a dick move, and worse than any of the flounces.

I appreciate your perspective. Doesn’t change my mind, but I’m glad the flouncers haven’t dragged you out of here with them.

That could be a good idea. Especially since your standing and gravitas around here is such that you would take, what, nobody with you when you flounce?

Oh, sick burn! :roll_eyes:

Maybe you should let this drop, act mature and find some other stuff to do. This thread is mainly you showing your ass to people.

Sorry, no, not gonna let it drop until I’m just bored with it.

What we have, in flouncers, is fellow party-goers who can’t just leave the party, they have to let us all know they’re leaving by cutting a giant fart on their way out the door. I am not going to bid their farts a solemn farewell.

And if you disagree, kindly say so. Because it just moves this thread right back to the top of the queue.

Who cares if someone is frustrated and expresses it? Are you really that insecure or lacking of agency that you really fear if random poster 4737 expresses something like so-called flouncing?

This is mean spirited and nothing else.
How rude.

ASL, I think this may be out of board culture of a different board.

I do miss that board sometimes; and that’s actually one of the things that I miss about it (though there are some other things I prefer here). But we’re someplace else now; and the consensus here is different on that topic.

I’m going to keep right on arguing about use of a particular insulting word. But I’m not going to start up, or other than this join into, an argument about flouncing; just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Mileage, obviously, varies.

Expression is one thing. Trying to draw away other posters on the way out is another. I’m not a “love it or leave it,” type, but I do take issue with people who seek to diminish the experience for everyone else just as they’re about to leave for good.

My bad, bad, bad, pit thread is… bad for you?

Instead of shaming people, I think we should be encouraging them to try to get used to the change. Not everyone does well with change. And the Discord platform really does take some time to get used to.

I like Ulfrieda and I hope she returns.

The ‘hippest’ people on the planet can’t handle this, tiny, change?


[pitcomment]You can’t spell asshole without ASL[/pitcomment] :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I agree. It’s too bad these people aren’t sticking around to be encouraged, and are instead, perhaps implicitly, encouraging others to follow them out with their very public departures.

They have departed publicly, so I choose to recognize them publicly.