I just broke a pen

That felt very good. The snapping sound was cathartic, and the ink cleaned up nicely. I hate my fucking life.

Tell us more about the pen.

It’s black like my heart.

When did you first notice your pen had betrayed you, and how did it make you feel?

I just tried it, and it was very cathartic! Of course, I broke it into my trash bin (I may hate my life, but I love this outfit).

I am very sad. I hate my life (or at least, my job) and I don’t care much about this outfit, but if I break my pen, I’ll have nothing to write with until the Keeper of the Supplies comes back from lunch.

I broke wind, which thankfully didn’t mess up my outfit. It felt good, but I wouldn’t describe it as cathartic. The lady in the cube next to me however, seems to hate her life too.

Or at least she does now.

Oh, that kind of pen. I thought you had let the pigs loose.

I jsttt brokkkkkkkkk my kbooooarrrrd.

This is the problem with putting self-pitying threads in MPSIMS. It’s too damn hard to keep my bad mood when people keep making silly jokes. :slight_smile:

I just broke my pin. I’m a very good wrestler.

You I already get making silly jokes on my LiveJournal.

Please. I’m a very dignified person.

For someone located in yon twee, that is.

Oooh, I want to make silly jokes on your LiveJournal, too! Can I? Can I? Huh? :smiley:

Mais oui.

Crap, now the pressure’s on…

I mean, merci! :slight_smile:

Was it like when you break spaghetti, how a middle piece goes zinging off into the distance?

Does that mean I get friended? :slight_smile: