I just had sex with Ruffian...

…who did you just have sex with?

Wow, I was about to start a thread with this exact same title! What a coincidence! :slight_smile:

Nobody lately, but I’m holding out for Anniz.

Just one more week… (it’s been a long summer)

Nobody. And I haven’t had sex with anyone in a long time. And I’m not going to have sex with anyone for a long time. And it’s been a long summer. And it will be a long fall. And a cold, hard (mmm… hard…) winter.

No, I’m not bitter.

poohpah chalupa, BunnyGirl, ladyfoxfyre, ElvisL1ves, okielady, CrankyAsAnOldMan.

Me and NHL7890 hit it up on some tag team shit.

Myself. :smiley:


He’d be real mad if he knew I posted this. “Do you tell the Dopers all of your private buisness?” He’d sigh dramatically. I would try to explain to him that most people assume you are having sex with your spouse, but I’d be so busy giggling at him the words wouldn’t come out right.

This would really piss him off. He’s the man of the house (hence the username) damnit! There should be no giggling at the Man of the House! He’d have to show me, wouldn’t he? Yeah, big house man, show me. . . show me some more. . . show me harder. . .

Um, what were we talking about?

Ask me again next Saturday :smiley:


Whoa whoa whoa…when did this happen Qwertyasdfg?? And where was I?

And was it good for you?

[sub]and was it good for me?

and when can we do it again?[/sub]

So, how do you define sex? :wink:

You just had sex with Ruffian, too?

What a small world!

Myself, but I’m at work right now, so that’s to be expected.


Doing Net porn is soooo lonely… hehehehehe

Now that’s snappy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Great, now everyone’s having sex with me and yet I’m the last to know.

ASFAIK, DeathLlama is the only one I’ve bumped fuzzies with today, or pretty much ever. I think y’all have confused fantasy with reality. :wink:

Carry on.

Ask again next weekend.

So, they’ve perfected cloning already?

Madam Palm and her five sisters.

Mmmmm…wifecat…Sunday morning sex is so nice…You know, you have those orgasms that tend to immediately segue into a long, full bodied stretch where time just sorta stands still…


Thread title: I just had sex with Ruffian

Merc, friend, buddy, I think it’s kinda a big world if you can all fit inside her.

::is damn glad he’s a sprinter cuz he’s running out of this thread-::