I like bananas a bunch

When I went to the seashore, I saw many buoys and gulls.

If you just focus on what you sea, you’ll miss what you’ve been herring.

Which might cause you to flounder.

If you’re a musician, you might play your scales out of tuna. But that would be a fluke.

Unless you did it on porpoise.

A porpoise in an ocean of orange soda— That’s my Fanta sea.

That image is giving me a haddock.

Good Cod! Maybe try an aspirin?

Do that, and you’ll be pilloried.

I knew a guy who sold drugs. You’d think he’d have been scorned, but he was regarded as the piller of his communit y.

Is he still alive? I heard he bought the pharm.

I buy anxiolytics in bulk so I can get the Valium discount.

So I found out Viagra’s pharmaceutical name: Mycoxafloppin.

I feel much better now that I’m on that new tranquilizer Fuckitol.

I was given a powerful tranquilizer once, and they asked me to count backwards from ten. The last thing I remember is I said eight.

It doesn’t matter if your outdoor thermometer says -20 or -30. It’s just a num-brrr.

Sounds like your tongue was getting number, too.

I love the microvilli on my tongue. They’re my buds.

You must have good taste.

Aw, that was sweet.