I like bananas a bunch

Would you rather drink from the pitcher or lick the batter?

You’d probably catcher something.

If certain members of a choir have too much to drink, do we say, “The basses are loaded”?

If it’s the string section, that would be a viol accusation.

You have to be careful in the percussion section or you might get caught in a snare.

And the clarinetist woodwind you.

Just be careful to avoid all the violins in the streets.

Especially Skid Row, where the oboes live.

Ending up on Skid Row is usually due to youth gone wild.

It’ll get you anywhere between16 and life.

My wife has the body of a 16-year-old schoolgirl. She keeps it in the fridge.

I’ve got the heart of a schoolboy. It’s in a jar on my desk.

I’ve got the hands of an artist. He now paints with his feet.

My friend has been really obnoxious since he got that new hand sanitizer. He’s always rubbing it in.

There are 27 bones in your hand – 28 if you’re lonely.

Tibia honest, I didn’t find that very humerus.

Well, at least you had the backbone to speak up about it.

I hope you’re not fibia 'bout it.

I’ll have to tell Pat and Ella that kneeslapper.

Pa, tell 'er that one again!