I must be the first one up MMP

Happy Moonday!

Where is everybody? It’s daylight savings time donchano and everybody should be waking too early.
I awoke at 4:30 wondering why I was up do early, then I realized it’s really 5:30 which is still too early but not as obscenely early.

It’s a dark chilly 53 degrees outside, supposed to get up into the 70’s later this week.

Today is the day I get to shop for new health insurance - feel my pain. I wonder what screw up the MD has in store for me this year.

Otherwise SSDD

Wow! First! That’s new.

The advantage to not having any free standing clocks is that all my time telling devices reset themselves at time changes and after power outages. I only have to reset my watch twice a year.

Growing up, we had clocks in every room, and we lived in a big house. When I was old enough, (like 7 or 8) it became my job to run around the house and reset them. All 14 of them.

Didn’t sleep at all well last night (never do after the time change, I don’t know why). But I’m still wide awake, so this is in my favor.

Found out last night that I won the office Halloween costume contest! AND my department won the departmental decorating contest! Nice silly way to start the week. :smiley:

I swear I was awake when I posted before.

It’s not DST, it’s the end of DST :smack:

Only have two clocks here that need resetting, the one on the microwave and the one on the stove. Which had just been reset because the power blipped the other night. Sah-son does it because I am old and can’t figure the crap out. I think I need to change it in the truck too - which means pulling out the manual because I’m old and can’t remember what I did last night let alone what I did six months ago.

No Columbo this am, cause the hallmark channel sucks snot through a straw.

Morning. Had my sleeping problems Sunday, made it all the way to the alarm this morning.

Only clock I had to reset today was my car, and I had to get the )^&^ book out of the glove compartment because I can’t remember which buttons to push/knobs to turn in succession (hey, I only do it twice a year).

All the rain predicted for Sunday showed up today. Oh joy.

In other words, blurf.

Morning! I was up late watching my hometown sportsball team win the World Series. I’m not a huge fan, but it was very exciting.

Must feed the yawns more coffee.

I’m up and caffeinated… It’s raining, so Princess Pretty Paws won’t get off the sidewalk and do his business.

All my electronic devices are sort of dated/vintage and need reset. I’ll still probably find one a couple months from now that I kept forgetting. Makes me miss the old days of my youth when we had one clock in the house.

Naaah - sick would have been

and other beastiality porn


I had to resent 7 clocks and 3 watches. Plus the car. No big deal.

The leftover Halloween candy is on my desk, begging to be eaten. So I’m having a few malted milk <snerk> balls.

Howdy Y’all! We left early to go to Mickey D’s for brekkie. I noticed there was no MMP up at five forty-five this a of m. I made a quick trip out to the west forty and am now in the orifice. 'Tis 76 Amurrkin out and drizzly with a predicted high of 83 for the day and rain/tstorms/apocalypse predicted for this afternoon. I may irk from da cave this afternoon as I need to input a buncha case notes into files and have a conference call at two p.m. I can do all that from the comforts of home in a tshirt and shorts, so why not.

Can you say that if we aren’t in the pit?

Darn morning people.

My heater is right now being replaced :frowning: The workers have some very strong opinions about the design of the available space but hey, it was designed for an “economic stove” back in 1958, nobody had thought there would be such a thing as piped-in gas.

Grandma’s birthday celebration was survived by everybody involved.

BLURF We had 820 riders on the shuttle this year up almost 200 more than normal. Maybe it’s because of the extra hour we drove due to the time change. It was the smoothest shuttle in the twelve years I have been doing it. I am so glad that is over with for another year.

Daylight Savings? That’s so last week! Indeed, last week was the end of British Summer Time so my clocks had already gone back an hour. The only ones I needed to do were the cooker and microwave, everything else in the house does itself. I also needed to change the clock in the car but I left that until yesterday because I had forgotten about it until then.

I’m tired, it’s only Monday. How am I going to survive the week?

My caffeine was flat so I went back to bed!

I only have to change the microwave and the coffee machine. I can’t change the truck one ,since it’s an aftermarket stereo ,and I can’t RTFM, without an M. And my alarm clock must have been programmed in North Korea or Newfoundland, since it is consistently 23 minutes fast.

Gordie was dragged kicking and screaming into the rain. He is now sacked out in goal. Off to work!

It’s raining. Actually raining! Like water falling in a continual manner from the sky for hours, not like occasional spit and drizzle. Yay!

I’m taking the dog to the vet in 5 minutes. Then I visit the neurologist later today for my permanent migraine. All in all, an exciting day chez moi.

I don’t know.
I don’t know the rules around here - it’s why I stay out of certain threads.

The scammers never give up. I got a letter in the mail from the electric company telling me that has a MD resident I am now responsible for choosing my electric company. Very official looking, but the name of the power company is wrong. However, since my electric company is a small, local power company I thought they could be part of the BIG electric company. Nope, is a scam to get me to switch or as my electric company calls it - a gimmick.
They were nice enough to send me a postage paid envelope to send my response and I have all kinds of junk mail laying around that I need to get rid off - so into the return envelope it goes.

I have a Casio G-Shock watch. It has a DST function. I can change the time w/o a manual, but need the manual…every stinkin’ time…to figure out how to turn DST on/off. :frowning:

Did you forget to post something. :dubious:

You have a hockey goal in your apt that your dog sleeps in? My you are a [del]nut[/del] hockey fan.

A Tugig-style ass-kicking has just been served!
I make videos of the local HS XC team’s meets. Friday was the championship meet. Because some of the races have 1000± kids in them & I used a custom-made boom mount for the video camera to get overhead footage (Think of it as an upside-down “L” 8-9’ high) as it’s hard to [del]shoot[/del] (sadly, can’t use that word related to high schools anymore) capture video footage of the race as it’s hard to get the person that you want when they are running 10 (or more, at the beginning) abreast.

During one of the races, one kid sees the camera, runs ‘horizontally’ across the course, jumps up & intentinally smacks the camera. This damaged my mount. I guess he forgot he was wearing a jersey with his school’s name on it. :smack:

I contacted the school & sent them the video, they provided me with the parent’s contact info. Dad didn’t believe me until I sent him the video. I’m not sure exactly what’s going to happen to the kid, but I highly doubt it will ever happen again!
It’s one thing, as with Tugig’s midshipman, to do something & get caught because of a camera you didn’t realize was there. It’s quite another to do something to the camera. :o :smack:

Well, it’s exciting - kind of sort of - around here this morning, not that it’s still morning. However, as I still haven’t showered or brushed my teeth yet it’s still morning.

DING DONG! Goes the doorbell. I have no idea who is ringing my bell, and since I haven’t brushed my teeth yet I don’t want to talk to whoever it is. Or rather, they probably would prefer not to talk to me.
I answer the door and nobody is there. I step out onto the porch and there is nobody out there, no packages have been delivered.
However, there is a fire engine a few doors up, and then the police come around the corner, then people across the street are coming out of their houses and pointing at the house next door, and then I smell the smoke.
There is a fire at the house three doors up. It’s vacant, and has been for a while. From what I can tell it’s only the shed/garage at the back. Lots of smoke but the firetrucks were out back too. Lots of people cutting through the neighbor on the other side’s yard to see what is going on - one woman even pushing a baby stroller, which seems rather stupid to me. The smoke was making my eyes burn and my throat hurt.
Sah-son went upstairs to look out the window and he said it looks like the fire is out.
So that is my excitement for the day.

My frustration of the day is picking a new health plan.
I can’t afford to keep the one I have.