I need a mannequin.

Fully pose-able. Male. Adult. Preferably with a head.

eBay shows one or two. Where can I go to find these, and find a selection that will likely land me what I need.


I don’t know if you’re looking for something cheap/used, but if you want a new one, several of the retail supply companies I buy from sell mannequins. Here’s an example.

What…are you going to do with it, exactly? :dubious:

Obviously it is for a friend :slight_smile:

Not pose-able enough.

Giraffe, the " :dubious: " is snarky and uncalled for. I need to be able to pose an adult mannequin. It is a professional situation. I’m not going to delve into the details because it will reveal the company I work for and with a bit of poking, my real name would be revealed. Last time I checked, nobody here at the Dope is required to divulge that information.

The kind of mannequin that can be bought that is about a foot tall with 100% articulated limbs and digits is really what I seek, except that I need one that’s 6 feet tall.

Caroonverse, I didn’t read Giraffe’s comment as snarky. I think it was intended to be humorous. If my following comment was upsetting to you I apologise.

-Twitch- no worries. I probably could have phrased my irritation with Giraffe’s remark a bit more gently.

What would she/he say if I wrote " I just got hired by the Chicago Lyric Opera as the new Prop Master and there’s a show that requires 25 mannequins on stage in a huge range of poses?

The :dubious: seemed outa line, is all.

Having said that, what I wrote is true. Details will lead directly to my real life information. Not acceptable.

Goddamned heat. Goddamned sore knees and arms. You kids, get offa my lawn and leave my Bendable Susie Swimsuit Doll alone !!

Nuts. Sorry about that, no snark was intended. I was just amused by the wording (the phrases “fully pose-able” and “preferably with a head” evoke a terrifying craigslist ad) and tried to make a little joke about it.

As penance, I will hit myself in the eye: :smack:


You are in town now? Giraffe only is by the most-EXTENDED definition by The Colonel.

I saw that posting and was tempted to apply though I was totally unqualified. Looked like fun. Need an AutoCAD flunkie? I can be cheaper than my experience might suggest. :slight_smile:

The Store Front Supply businesses are the place to go, the link posted seems to have some fair prices as well. The one I use in Tucson also offers used/excellent condition displays, etc. am guessing most of these retailers sell used as well.

Oh they canned the whole idea. Me, I liked it. Them- not so much with the liking of the idea. :confused: