I opened a bottle of...

…carbonated water when I was thirsty this morning. Unfortunately, at the time I was at the gym and running on the treadmill.

Relatedly, it is impossible to instantly crawl into a hole and die when the floors are carpeted concrete.

Did it ruin the machine, or give you a surprise bath?

Surprise bath. Shower, actually.

I’ve never felt so stupid in my life. And there were pretty women there (moan).

:smack: :mad: :smack: :mad: :smack: :mad:

Did it Old Faithful when you opened it or when you drank some? Hopefully you hosed everyone around you down like the restaurant patron from The Meaning Of Life?

I didn’t get to drink any of it. It was an instant, immersive topical application of pressured water accompanied by a shhhsshhhhhPASH sound.

Somehow, doing something this stupid at a gym is almost worse than in church.

Do you mean… Mr. Creosote?

I did something similar. I put my water bottle down on a machine (abductor machine) and adjusted the seat and everything and then went to sit, forgetting about my water bottle. I just though I squished it until I realized that I had left it open, causing a fountain-like spray of water to shoot overhead.

I am such an idiot sometimes :smack:

Do you know what I mean about it being DOUBLY bad and awful to do something like that at a gym? I don’t know about you, but I am never very comfortable anyway when at the gym, so it hurts baby it hurts. In HERE points to pride.

At the gym here at work, they have a big sign that says “No large towels on the treadmills.” Somebody was looking at it and couldn’t figure out why, so I said, “No capes!”

Hi-larious. That’s a good one.

We have a ‘don’t yell’ policy, and strict ‘sanitize your machine’ policies. The dirty looks one gets when one forgets to wipe down the treadmill are murdrous.

Hi-larious. That’s a good one.

We have a ‘don’t yell’ policy (that I violated in the above instance), and strict ‘sanitize your machine’ policies (that I accidentally followed in the above instance). The dirty looks one gets when one forgets to wipe down the treadmill are murdrous.

I’m probably asking the wrong question, but what exactly is there to sanitize on a treadmill?

On a weight bench or a mat, obviously, I’m going spray and wipe that off. But a treadmill is kind of like the floor. It really doesn’t matter that much. I wouldn’t wipe down the basketball court after using that. And the two buttons that I may touch “Start” and “Stop” aren’t really going to get all that bad, either.

amarinth, we sanitize the treadmills at our gym too–mostly the handrails, but sometimes the screenpads too–with some cleanser and a handful of paper towel. It doesn’t really do anything, I agree, but it’s a nice gesture to the next person all the same.

Goblin Shark Proboscis, I like your user posts. Stick around a while. :wink:

Yes - treadmill sanitization is a major must at our gym… total wipedown of anything you may have touched with hannies.

Kythereia, I’ve never been winked at before, but then again, I look like this . Not the whole head, just the pointy part.

I totally feel your pain. And then I had to finish my workout looking like I peed myself, or had the most major case of bumsweat - neither is really good. I was just starting to feel comfortable there too.

Obviously I can never go back :wink:

I do have a great story. A girl I know was running on the treadmill and noticed this cutie guy. She was trying to run sexily and get him to notice her.

He did.

Right after her foot caught the side rail and she face-planted on the keypad. Then, of course because the thing wasn’t off, she went flying off the back, nose bloody.

Shock of shocks, he DID NOT ask her out.

Far out.

Only thing worse…

Farting on the bench.

“Okay, working out… just working it all out…” leaves