I pit jtur88

His residential school comments rank among some of the most infuriatingly outrageous shit I’ve read in the five years I’ve been here.

But don’t get angry if you are a Native American.

How about a link to the thread, for us gluttons for punishment?


Here you go. He just doubled down in it, too, saying “Two unmarked graves per year is genocide?”

In his attempt to defend the use of “boarding school”, he somehow equated boarding schools with maternity boarding houses. (PDF)

That’s top shelf stupid right there.

For those of you unfamiliar with jtur88, this is the same man who retrieves rotten and moldy food out of dumpsters, and eats it.

To be fair, we only have his word that he does this, and… his word is dubious.

And he has devoured roadkill in 50 states and 192 countries!

…or I thought it he’d devoured roadkill in every state (or county, was it?), twice over.

Maybe eating rotting things is bad for your brain.

Or maybe it takes a special kind of stupid to eat rotting things.

Kind of a “chicken and egg” thing, I guess.

See here, he still likes to eat disgusting things, for example bacon from pigs that were raised on human shit:

He sure is a real gourmet. :yum:

Sanitation aside, what’s particularly gross about that? Lots of animals we eat have diets that we’d find disgusting. It’s not like the bacon is going to taste like shit, or have shit in it, because that was the pigs ate.

And supposedly so blind that he has to feel around a strange car to find the passenger seat.

Sanitation issues are exactly what would disgust me about eating that stuff.

A reminder:

[quote=“Skywatcher, post:189, topic:776309, full:true”]

He’s said before that he gradually went blind over time, which makes sense. I also don’t really see how one would prevent the other: all it means is that he may need someone who helps him procure items.

I’m just not a huge fan of going after him on this one issue. It feels a lot like when people would assume that I had always been sick.

YMMV, of course.

^^ I just want to mention that the coding in @BigT 's post above is mangled and that the quote is NOT mine, but @Skywatcher’s. No big deal, just a clarification.