I pit SkipMagic for being twee

In this thread


SkipMagic warned me for daring to post something substantive about the Holocaust in a thread about the end of WW2, in MPSIMS.

I fail to see what I have done wrong. I have read all the notes on message postings rules and cannot find anything that covers my alleged indiscretion.

I find this whole thing about hallowed ground to be very twee and not in keeping with the ethos of the SDMB.

If there are to be certain threads one can only speak twee platitudes in, this should be clearly flagged up and a sticky posted in the relevant forum. If I had known this was (even partly) a twee forum, I might not have parted with my hard-earned moolah.

If I had known that this was a forum where a Mod would be warning you for breaking an unwritten rule, I would definitely not have joined.

Go join tweeforums.com, SkipMagic!

I must assume that I have an incorrect understanding of what the word “twee” means, because as far as I can tell, you are accusing SkipMagic of dressing like a leprechaun.

So if you attended a funeral, you would have no problem standing up in a church and pissing in the coffin?

The thread (which has already been pitted by Roger Thornhill, by the way) is in memoriam of one particular event. It is a thread of appreciation by someone who joins in remembering those who gave their lives to liberate their country. That the thread is a memorial to those who were killed or who are slowly dying off should be completely obvious to anyone who has read the thread. If you want to debate policies during WWII, start another thread about it. You can Pit the people who assisted in the Holocaust. You can debate the national policies made by the leaders of each country involved. You can state your opinion. There are threads for that.

But don’t piss in the coffin.

I pissed in no coffin. Read the thread.

I thought twee meant fairylike, either in the literal sense, or in the sense of being effeminate.

Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like guinog is using it to mean being a crybaby, more or less.

Dude, that was a thread about remembering dead soldiers. Stirring shit up in that thread most decidedly falls under “being a jerk”.
You were way out of line.

If you had READ the thread, I think it would have shown an overall tone that ought not have been disrupted by your bull-in-a-china-shop “debating” style.

While it might not technically be “against the rules,” there are some things here that are tradition, and you should at least recognize that respect for your fellow posters takes precedence over what you aren’t expressly forbidden to do.
Illegal action? No.

Dick move? Absolutely.
I don’t see this Pitting going well for you.

You started debating in an inappropriate place. The anaolgy fits.


I think ‘cute’ covers what I don’t like about it.

How do I know it was inappropriate? Who are you to say what is and isn’t appropriate?


Some of us have enough sense of propriety to know when something is appropriate and when it is not without being told.

Whenever I remember dead soldiers, I remember the political and historical circumstances that made them dead. I think we owe them that much.

If that makes me a ‘jerk’, I wear the appellation with pride.

Rule One of SDMB: Don’t be a Jerk.

The thread, which has been going for six years, is not about debating points of WW2 strategy, or morality, or whether the Jagdpanther was cooler than the T-34.

The “We Shall Remember” thread is, and has been for 6 years, kind of a growing memorial to the individuals who fought fascism, and selflessly served for the benefit of others, including you and your family.

To use that thread for debate is rather like going down to the Cenotaph on November 11, and interrupting the proceedings with shouted arguments. It’s just not the time or place.

It’s not that your point aren’t worth discussion; but open a thread in Great Debates, instead of disrupting other folk’s respectful commemoration.

Because of the freaking forum it’s in, if for no other reason. It’s in MPSIMS. I’d make a comment about learning to read forum descriptions, but if you couldn’t be bothered to read the thread, why would you bother to read the forum description…

You were told so by several posters and then a moderator. You should have desisted. You were acting like a twit.

A fellow board member. By opening this thread, you are soliciting opinions from the entire board membership on whether or not your posts were appropriate.

I have a very strong idea of what a large majority of board members are going to think about this. And it ain’t going to be in your favor.

guinnog, do you really think you’re going to convert the entire board population to your way of thinking? You think you can undermine a six-year tradition with a handful of posts?

Many before you have barged in and tried by force to change the tone of the boards. All have failed.

I don’t know.

If that was your ‘tone’, I find it rather twee. Do you like being twee?

If I had known that was your ‘tone’, I might not have joined.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

Nice! Funny, and original.