I Really Like the Ellen Degeneres Show

Yep. I really do…I like the Ellen Degeneres Show. I see it from time to time on days off, weekdays for me. It’s unlike most shows I watch on the very few channels I get…no dish or cable. Her guests are more mainstream than I know about, but, dang, I just smile when I watch her show. It’s Fun! She just has a good fun way with life, and keeps the course as a host.

Part of that is that, after her previous sitcom show dealt with a lesbian relationship, she was tubed in Hollywood for a couple of years, untouchable. Now, her show is beloved by mostly women, but, regular het gals, from what I see. Her sex orientation doesn’t matter at all. She’s a phenomenon by her own character. Kinda sweet and decent.

Other observances?

I like it alright. I’m not usually home when it’s on, but if I am, I’ll have it on while I clean or play online.

I like her, I feel like she’s clever and has a positive attitude without being to schmaltzy.

There’s something I like about it, and her, too. Like her excellent stand-up comedy (I’d say she’s one of the best ever), it’s mean but never cruel, sweet but never saccharine.

I think her decency shows through. She seems to be a genuinely nice person and it shows. I don’t watch daytime TV, but I have seen her show upon occasion–she’s a class act.

I don’t mean to thread shit, but what is wrong with you? I’m fine with her being gay, I’m not fine with her being not funny.

Sitnam, she’s funny to me , and I’m more of a hardcore wiseass. She’s just enough of a wiseass with suss about the entertaimment Biz to pull it off . I gotta say I’m gleeful that an out and out Gal is so wonderfully accepted by everyone, No Problem.

Move this era on.

I like her show, too. She seems to really enjoy the show and just seems happy about life.

For a while, she was frequently calling this old woman (Gladys?) in Texas just to chat. Gladys had a hilarious way of expressing herself, and Ellen would just crack up. Is she still doing that? (I haven’t seen the show for several months because my TV died.)

In my old TV job, I couldn’t help but watch it while I prepared the evening news that followed her show. She’s very funny in a low-key way, perfect for a daytime show in my opinion. Ditto what **Cat Fight **said about finding the right balance.

If you disagree with someone, why must something be wrong with them?

And if you don’t mean to “thread shit”, why did you?



Not really sure where you’re getting that. “Ellen” (the first sitcom, running when she came out) ended in 1998. After it ended she had a significant role in the film “EdTV” in 1999, a successful stand-up tour and HBO special, a second albeit unsuccessful sitcom, gigs hosting awards shows, some other well-received guest appearances and a big triumph in “Finding Nemo” before her success with the talk show in 2003. She could never have been considered “untouchable” by any reasonable definition of the word.

I love Ellen! Her talk show is great and the “work with animals” American Express commercials are among the funniest things on television. I love that her style of humor is droll and whimsical and just genuinely nice, without being bland or childish. She is a class act. And she was phenomenal in Finding Nemo; her Dory is one of my all-time favorite acting performances, voiceover or not.

I don’t watch daytime TV either, but I’ve caught the nighttime reruns once in a while. She’s totally in her element, far more than she was in sitcoms. I love her standup comedy (funniest line that I could totally relate to from one of her acts was “Byyyyy Mennen”) but never thought it translated to her TV shows, but this allows her to improv and to interact…

and dance!

She has that rare ability that Jon Stewart, Johnny Carson and only a few others have to bring out the humor in guests without making them the butt of jokes. So glad to see her back at the top of her game.

I hate 99% of daytime TV, but I love the Ellen show. She seems like the kind of person you could just sit down and have a nice meal and a fun chat with.

I would agree that Ellen is easily the best daytime show on the air.

She wanted to have a light entertainment show like Merv Griffin’s used to be - fun to watch without going into heavy topics like “Women From Battered Homes” - and she has been very successful doing just that.

She makes occasional references to being Gay - usually subtle - but there is never any denial and thus, no elephant in the room during conversations with guests.

One classic moment - (I don’t have the exact words), but she was talking to one elderly woman on a phone call and asked what she liked most about her show and the woman said, “Well Ellen, I can’t really say. I like to drink a little in the afternoons.” Ellen started laughing so hard I thought she would never catch her breath and she had this woman do a few voice over promos for her show. It was pure Ellen - rolling with the moment and amping it up.

By they way, hasn’t her show won a Daytime Emmy for best talk show every year since she has been on the air?

It’s earned her tens of millions as co-owner of the show, so that’s a nice consolation prize. I’d settle. :wink:

That would be Gladys Hardy in Austin, TX - my neck of the woods. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it seems Gladys Hardy has probably been debunked. :frowning: But it was damned funny!

I’ve only seen parts of a few of her shows. I didn’t find them particularly funny or anything. Are they supposed to be?

OTOH, I find her much more genuine than Oprah or Rosie, for whatever that’s worth.

I like her. She’s not fall-down funny but she’s sweet and amusing. And I loved her as Dory.

I also like her! I find her shows fresh and entertaining. I wish I was home more week days to actually watch it. And I think she’s so funny! It’s always nice and clean humor which is what I like. I’m definitely a fan.

I can’t stand most of the talk shows, courtroom shows and whatnot that is littering daytime TV, but once in a while I’ll be near a TV during the day, flipping channels and I’ll see that Ellen is on somewhere. Every time, I’ll watch.

I loved her stand up, her sitcom I could take or leave, but then I have a very short list of sitcoms I’ve ever found watchable.

She’s perfectly natural with people, she laughs with folks, not at them. She seems like somebody I’d want to sit with, watch the world go by and just talk with.