I saw something odd on TV this morning...

I was watching the news at 5:00 am this morning, and the traffic report came on. She was talking about construction on Hwy 290, and this little text box appeared over the traffic map.

It said “290 IS FUCKED.”


It was only on for a couple of seconds, and I had to rewind the DVR to read it - I missed it the first time. It didn’t seem that the traffic girl could see it, but my husband thought that she might have hesitated just a second when it popped up. Somebody’s head will roll! It had to be internal, because she was specifically talking about Hwy 290. Hilarious!

You have it on tape?

Yep…someone’s going to lose their job over that one.

That is hilarous!!! I would have gotten a great chuckle over that one.

Wouldn’t it be odder still if 290 wasn’t fucked?

Please tell me it was Dominique Sachse or Wendy Carona and I can die a happy man.

You’ve gotta post a screenshot. That’s hillarious!

I don’t have the technical expertise to post a screenshot. It wasn’t Dominique Sachse, she is the anchor in the evening. This was the traffic girl, uh, I can’t find her name, either in my brain or by Google.

Jennifer Reyna.

Hilarious. Not exactly a newsflash for those in the Houston area, but hilarious. I bet somebody’s looking for a new job this morning!

If the graphic design guys at this FOX station can get away with something like this on a regular basis:

then I’m sure one lousy foul word will just receive a warning :smiley:

(A friend sent me this link in an email so I don’t know the specifics, but apparently the tech guys pull that kind of thing often)

NBCs KPRC again? Just last month I had a thread on how that same station labeled a commercial trailer as “COCKTEASE” during the evening news.

Okay Dominique, c’mon sweetie… your turn.

“Oh, I was trying to pronounce her name, but it went by too fast!”

Oh honey, talk about not being the sharpest pencil in the box… :smiley:

Call me “Whoosed” but was it because the final child’s name was made up? Tell me it was made up. Please? Or was I supposed to say the name aloud and laugh?

And could you post it to Youtube?

“Dubbletawkwaniqua” - got to be made up.
Also, Quadrillion Jackson must be the ugliest kid ever.

In an effort to make you feel bad about yourself, he looked to me like he has Down’s syndrome or something similar.

He did me, too–but Quadrillion as a name?

Dubblekwanawhatever–poor kid. I hope the whole thing was a mock up and not a real kid who’s bday was that day.

Dubbletawkwaniqua = Dubble Tawk Waniqua = Double Talk Waniqua. Her real name might have been Waniqua.

I don’t know how screen graphics are done these days, but I have a suspicion that it’s very easy to make these kinds of mistakes. Once, on a local news program, I saw Microsoft’s solitaire game pop up on the screen for a second.

I thought this was about Penguins. There’s a penguin on the telly.