I See London, I See France . . .

Well, I didn’t see anyone’s underpants, but. . .

So this woman is dining in my restaurant earlier this evening and she’s dressed to kill. We’re talking sexy, slinky black dress with great shoes, her hair and make-up are perfect, manicured nails – you get the picture. The fellow she’s with ain’t too shabby, either. It looked like a first-date or early-in-the-relationship-type-date. Anyway, as they’re waiting for brandy at the end of the meal, she goes to the ladies room. As she’s returning to the table, I noticed what I thought was her slip hanging down below the hemline in the back of her dress. I did a double-take (discreetly, of course) because it was white, and her dress was black. Well, it wasn’t her slip, but toilet tissue. So I made my way over to her before she reached her table, touched her briefly above the elbow, leaned in and whispered to her that she had some tissue stuck to the back of her dress. All of this was done in a very quiet and discreet manner, as I didn’t want to embarrass her. I am certain that none of the surrounding patrons heard a word of what I said to her. Well, by her reaction, I’m sure that some, if not most, of the surrounding people thought I had told her some hideously offensive joke or something. I mean, she pulled her arm away (recoiled?) from me, cocked her head, and loudly said, “Excuse ME?!” So I looked down at the back of her dress while moving my head in that direction. She then noticed the tissue and promptly returned to the ladies room. A few moments later she returned to her table, sans the white tail. She then proceeded to speak in low tones to her fellow while periodically glaring in my general direction.

I was only trying to help. Really! Honest! I didn’t intend to embarrass her. Some people. Hmph!

obviously you were envious and put it there…with the secret stealth that only the envious possess.

heck, you probably had this all planned for a couple weeks…

she’s no dummy. she’s on to your sabotage.

all joking aside, what’s up with people? that’s like the people who flip you off when you let them in traffic…wtf?

I always get that with my customers as well. Of course mine are somewhat different, and the situations are always involving sex… work in a porn store

My problem is getting them to stop asking me what I think is best for them or how long it will take to “yanno”.

I would much rather they not bother me at all while they shop for their ummm…“aids”


If you’re shy in talking about sex, why on earth would you work in a sex shop?

Thank gods for Come As You Are – the salespeople actually are willing to discuss their products, so you won’t blow a pile of money on something that won’t make you feel good.

I didn’t say I was shy to talk about sex…quite the opposite. I just prefer not to hear about some of my customers personal lives, especially when it involves their sex lives.

And I may work there, but I’m no expert on what will work for them, what turns them on, how long it takes them to reach their goal. I do what I can to help, but when I see that the conversation is turning to something I really don’t want to hear, I stear it in another direction.
Sorry if you misunderstood what I was trying to say

You’re exactly right, sofia , I did put it there, just so I could laugh at her. It was great fun to watch her prance back with a long kite-looking-tail behind her (okay, so it wasn’t that much tissue).

Tomorrow night I think I’ll try putting signs on people’s backs with cute little phrases on them, like “Kick Me” and the like. That should be interesting. :wink:

kick me please

it’s cooler that way. :slight_smile:

you learn 'em not to mess with the polite people.

I like the way you think, sister.

Note to self: Always be polite when taunting the customers.

So, shouldn’t the handle be “whacker-store clerk”?

I have actually been wanting to change my name, but can never really think of anything that I really like, so it stays this way.

I will have to think on that one tho… :smiley:

I’m just the kind of person who’d end up with the toilet paper hanging out of her dress (although I’d undoubtedly start the evening with some sort of defect, too). If you’d approached me, I’d have been eternally grateful to you. So, for my sake and the sake of others like me, please don’t be deterred from performing this kind of service in the future. We need all the help we can get, and we thank you for trying.

I’ve heard similar stories before, and I’m always at a loss to understand… how can you possibly bring toilet paper with you?

Stuck to a shoe, I can understand. Stuck in a dress… :confused:

This reminds me of the time in a life drawing class where a nude model came back from a break with a peice of toilet paper stuck in his bum. Rather than tell him, we all just sorta laughed histerically, while trying really hard not to laugh. Finally the instructor noticed what was so damn funny and broke the news…I wonder if it’s possible to be any more embarrassed. We weren’t trying to be mean, it’s just that no one wanted to be the one to speak up. Either that, or we were all spending too much effort trying to keep our laughter in.

Please do not let one persons rudeness put you off letting someone know. I know I always appreciate it when someone tells me I have something stuck to me that is not an intended part of my outfit. (I t happens enought that I really need all the help I can get)