I think I just got rejected, but Im not upset..

So theres this girl that was in my music class in middle school. She was also at my highschool for grades 10 and 11 (then i started homeschool) but I never talked to her in highschool. So she was in my SAT prepclass which ended a couple weeks ago and we rebecame friends during the classes.

So I grew to liking her and wanted to try and get closer. We exchanged AIM nicks and she gave me her phone number. Towards the end of the SAT course I asked her out. She said she didnt want to date until after SATs and AP tests are finished and I said alright. This seemed like a reasonable response when your gonna be studying really hard for a couple weeks.

I never ended up calling her but I have talked to her a couple times on AIM since then. So about 5mins ago I asked her if she wanted to go out this weekend and she said she cant. :frowning: Well Im actually surprised that Im not upset at all, maybe I didnt expect her to want to go out with me or somthing. I dunno. I just wanted to share this.

Did she say why she couldn’t go out?

Yeah, maybe she does have plans already.

why don’t you ask her? It may be hard but at least you’ll know!

Heres what you say verbatum.

Initiate some small talk, and then when theres a pause…

“So anyways I was looking forward to hanging out sometime, but you seem busy a lot, I dont want to take away from things you have to do, but I promise you we’ll have fun”

The alternate is to suggest that she seems busy with work, but heres your number, give me a call if you ever have a free weekend. It may take awhile, but women seem impressed when you hand them the ‘ball’.

Good Luck!

I wouldn’t be so quick to assume. You certainly have not passed the point where she’s definitely giving you the brush-off, and you’re not working with a total lack of encouraging signs, either. She talks to you on AIM, she gave you her number (this is significant), and she didn’t immediately give you a line like ‘I just want to be friends’ or ‘I’m not looking for a relationship right now.’

My advice would be to give her another chance. But don’t give her your number and wait around for her to call you – you already know you’re interested, the question is whether she is, and it’s not fair to put the burden of taking the initiative on her. Ask her out again, and if she begs off, ask her if maybe she’d like to go out sometime in the future as you’ve got a flexible schedule. If she still says no, then you know she’s not into it.

MHO for ya.