I thought I was done with that.

I called my parents today. Business as usual, it was. Did I send off the letter, how am I doing in biology… then we segue into:

“Hey, Andy… we got some phone calls this weekend. Crank phone calls.”

A bunch of drunken teenagers repeatedly called my parents in the early hours of the morning and talked about their “fucking cuntsucking dyke daughter.”

I know who did this. I went to high school with these girls. They are the ones who spread vicious rumors about quietgirl and I. The ones who threw things at me, spat on my bookbag, called me names that aren’t worth repeating.

The day that I graduated I promised myself I’d never look back. I’m never going to delude myself about high school. I graduated knowing full well that I’d never keep in touch with more people than I can count on one hand and being absolutely happy about that.

I left there with a worthless piece of paper, a love who is the best thing in my life, a best friend above all others, and a small handfull of people I hold dear. That is all. I don’t want anything more from that cave. Quietgirl will graduate in June, and I will not look back again.

Get out of my life, you vapid bitches. Stay away from my family, my girlfriend, the things I hold dear. I have no place for you any more.

Just go.

Does knowing their lives are so entirely worthless, they have to call your parents with useless nonsense in order to derive pleasure, make you smile in the slightest?
Sorry you and your parents had/have to tolerate such utter bullshit. I am glad you have such a great attitude and wanted to let you know. If they keep calling your folks, you might suggest they contact the police, it may take time but they can do something about the calls.

Why aren’t your parents talking to the phone company about this harassment?!?

Bring the phone company into it if the punks keep calling. At the very least, there’s star-six-nine. Scares the holy bloody hell out of crank callers when you call them back. And kids like the ones harassing your parents are usually abject cowards.

Your stance is admirable, but letting the punks get off unscathed just feels wrong to me. You can further fuck up the already-fucked-up lives of the girls without having to make a place in your life for them. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s effective.

As a wise, wise friend once told me, “But he lives in Kansas - isn’t that punishment enough?”

Your choices are get your ire up and do something about this (or, I think more appropos would be your folks doing something about this, as suggested above), or have them simply block the calls and forget about it.

Above all, know that you’re obviously a better person than they are. That, in itself, should be satisfying. :smiley:



I talked to mom and dad about it. We all agreed that it wasn’t worth it.

You have to understand that if I’m right and these jerks are from my high school… well, the next easy target is quietgirl.

I called her today, dead convinced that she’d been harassed as well. She hadn’t been. Be that as it may, I don’t want anything to happen to her. June isn’t so far away.

They were sloppy drunk and stupid. Some things you just have to let go. If they do it again, yes, but I think it’s a one time thing.

Need someone to go explain to them why we don’t do shit like this? I haven’t gotten to spar with anyone in several years and the closest I’m going to come this term is a guy in my English class who’s a yellow belt in Kung Fu. I know I say violence doesn’t make one right, but sometimes people either need to be forcibly shown how to shut up or they need to be shown the consequences.

{andygirl & quietgirl}

I left high school hoping never to see 95% of my graduating class again. I’ve seen one out of 68 so far and had sporadic contact with a few others. Reason: they were (and some still are) shitheads and a waste of my time.

I wonder if these . . . creatures . . . understand that with the money you and your friends will be making ten years from now, you’ll be able to buy a small island and live in blissful ignorance of any and everything they try to do to get your attention.

And then there’s always recording those conversations and involving the cops. But that would involve caring enough about them, which is perhaps not what you want to do.

I hope dearly that your parents have an even stronger understanding of why acceptance is so very important.

Sad as this may be, it is one of the most demonstrative examples that could ever happen to them. I would like to think it makes them appreciate your choices even more.

Caller ID.

I guess some things just haven’t changed all that much since 1969. I’m so sorry that your folks, quietgirl, and you have to tolerate such crap.

:frowning: :mad: :frowning:

sigh Firstly, much hugs for andygirl.

I was fortunately not out in high school… so my brother got most of the harassment I would have (“Hey, McLauchlin, is it true your brother’s a fudgepacker?”)

At any rate, all you can really do is love and forgive these folks.

Then get a nice big Uzi and blow their fuck’n heads off. (Oh wait, that was the part I wasn’t supposed to say out loud…)

Even better: Last caller redial.

Send me their names and addresses via e-mail, I’ll take care of them. It’s not that hard to cause a little discomfort.

But I also have to ask about this:

Now if I recall your anecdote, this is supposed to refer to the fact that someone lives way out in the “sticks”, so they are already in an uncultured and uncooth place, yes? But where andygirl hails from is not really that sort of place, IIRC, the attitudes of these ass-goblins aside. There are ugly-minded people everywhere - even in California.

Of course, the last time I tried to politely defend against generalizations about Kansas I was attacked here, so who knows…

Oh yeah, baby, this is perfect! You or your parents should do the *69 number and when they answer the phone, do a “creepy guy masturbating voice” thing:

You: Hey, whatcha wearing?
Them: Who is this?
You: Oh, no one. I heard you were all hot and easy…

You get the idea. Or freak ‘em out with the "I’m comin’ over there right now with a big stick." type of thing. Hey, if they’re drunk, they’re also probably stupid (at the moment) and hence, will believe anything.

Sorry your parents had to deal with that. Idiots (not your parents!).

Would this be the event that I apologized for publicly and in private at SDMB Chat already? You know, when I said I didn’t mean it as an attack? The apology I was under the impression you accepted? :confused:

This sucks. {{andygirl}}. Only thing I can think of to say is that your “It’s only 'till June” approach is probably the best, as hard as it is.

And just think: you and yours only have to put up with these vermin for 3 or 4 more months. They have to live with themselves the rest of their lives. I can’t think of a worse punishment.


Place an ad in a G/L/B/T publication: “bi-curious bottom seeks dominant top to teach me the ropes… with ropes” or something equally inflammatory. Print their phone number.

Subscribe to Out and Advocate for them. (check the “bill me later” box and fill in their address)

Go to your local G/L/B/T bar and write their phone number on the stalls – for both genders!

I like to fight fire with fire. narrow-minded homophobic bigots gettin’ ya down? Fuck with 'em back … assuming they persist. I wouldn’t bother if its truly a one-time thing.

Aren’t we sick and tired of them!
They shoot abortion doctors.
They shoot up Jewish daycares.
They beat gay people to death.
They drag black people to death.

How long are we going to take it?

Why are they more violent than us?

When will we put an end to this crap by any means necessary?
This sort of thing really chapps my ass!

Why do we just shrug off this sort of behavior?

Oh their lives are empty and meaningless. So what!

Don’t assume it’s all about you, Brian. In fact, I thought it was you yourself who said (wisely) to not assume something is about you unless it mentions you by name…?

You were a decent guy and apologized to me in chat.

Can I ask a favor of you? How about giving me the benefit of the doubt, and not assuming that everything I say is some sort of “attack” on you? :confused:

[sub](BTW…it was not, in fact, about you :frowning: )[/sub]

Ok I’m a little calmer now.

You and your parents have a civic duty to report criminal activity to the proper authorties and to asist the authorties in prosecuting them.

The idea of letting them off because they might start in on QuietGirl is exactly why you need to go after them.

What if they decide that prank calls aren’t fulfilling enough?
What if they decide to throw a brick through you parents window?
What if they decide to throw a brick at QuietGirl?


I wouldn’t bother with call the girls parents as the girls probably got their ideas of tolerance from them.

Call the POLICE! You owe it to your community.
You won’t be done with this by letting it slide that’s for sure.


Cool, that’s why I asked and used the :confused: smilie.

Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was worked out, but after seeing that I wasn’t quite sure.