I Want to Know: Who Here at the SDMB Likes Me?

I want to know the truth… (a survey)

WHoops, wrong forum. Sorry! Move to IMHO please, Mods. Thanks!

Wrong forum, but I still love you! :smiley:
— G. Raven

You’re ok, Doob :slight_smile:

If you could post in the right forum I’d say you rock :smiley:

If I were gay, you’d be #2 on my list, right behind Ewan MacGregor. And if I were gay, behind Ewan would be where I would want to be.

Gee, Doob. I like ya and all, but keep your hands to yourself.

BTW, Ewan’s cock can be seen in Velvet Goldmine :smiley:

— G. Raven

Who here doesn’t like a doobie?

Do you still love me?

Will you still love me, tomooooroooooow?

The truth Doob, you can’t handle the truth.

I like you, doob. My desire to lick various portions of your anatomy is no secret.

Hehe…Ditto on the above, especially matt’s. >;0D


If I were gay, I’d be smokin THIS Doobie all day long! :wink:


I dunno, Doob… I’d like you, but you’re behind on your “Make SPOOFE Like Me” payments. You owe me five bucks.

I like you, Doobie. With your hawaiin shirts, pink fuzzy car interior. That’s unique. I’ve never seen another guy like that. Your a man’s man.
::gets something whispered in his ear::

DOOB’S GAY?!?!?!?!

**Moderator’s primal scream…uh, note: **

The lights, the colors…
I’m gonna shove this on over to MPSIMS as it’s an editorial comment–or sorts–based on a thread that’s been previously relocated.

for IMHO
(suffering a psychotic episode or just deja vue)

I hereby go on record stating that I have volunteered unconditionally to be Doob’s love slave.

Anytime, bud.

Does admire from afar count?

I’d admire you from close up, but the glare of your shining brilliance would blind me. :slight_smile:

Doob-- you’re the Shiznitto-bam-Snip-snap-klack
serious, you’re awesome :slight_smile: