I want to stink!

Let’s say a guy was going away for an annual weekend to a cabin with a bunch of buddies and wanted to compete with another guy who is known for stinking up the place.

How might one build up a good stink?

He is rumored to use dried fruit and a jar of salsa. I was once on a diet in which I ate non-fat yogurt mixed with dry oatmeal for lunch and after a few days my wife and daughters threatened to kick me out of the house.

Any other suggestions?

Hard boiled eggs and cabbage?

Garlic. Lots and lots of garlic.

See, now I’d want to see who could split more wood in 15 minutes with an axe. Or who could build a fire without matches or lighter. Portage a canoe even.

But stink? :confused:

Go to the oriental market. Find a product called “Fish Sauce.” It’s even better if fish and sauce are the only two words on the bottle in English. Bathe in it. You win and you buddies all lose [del]their sense of smell[/del]. And possibly never invite you anywhere ever again. Although I’d be extra careful if there are bears in the vicinity.

Curry, served on pitas with very, very garlicky hummus. Roasted garlic on toast. Spinach salads with lots of hard boiled egg.


I don’t know much about pungency, just volume. For volume, I recommend Split Pea Soup and sauerkraut for the fast draw.

For pungency, roast beef seasoned with lots of onion and garlic, and boiled eggs comes to mind.

A combination of all should clear a room in seconds.

Do you have a White Castle near by? If so, order about 2 cheese White Castles, 2 jalapeno cheeseburgers and 3 chicken ring w/cheese sandwiches. Plus, a sack of onion rings. (This is my usual mean after coming home from the bars). Now, chase all this down with some very dark beer.

You’ll be able to start the campfire on your own.

That should be 2 chicken ring sandwiches, and don’t forget to put the hot sauce on them.

And usual meaL, not mean.

Boys are weird.

Lest anyone get the impression that I think boys are anything less than fantastic, I’ll say this: I am thoroughly enjoying this thread, just from a very well ventilated distance.

Deer urine can probably be purchased at an outdoors/hunters type store. Doesn’t that stink?

Piss off a skunk. Better yet, piss ON a skunk.

Maybe take some durian fruit, blend it up and marinate your camping clothes in it for a few days; then run rotten potatoes into the fabric.

I meant rub.

Although, running them into the fabric would also work, come to think of it!

Meatloaf, made with several eggs (I’m not sure why the egg count matters, but it does) can produce lethal, lethal burps.

There’s always fungal foot rot. That will have the bonus of a visual aid to help them gag, and the smell does reach the gag stage all by itself.

Get bad drunk on cheap beer, puke all over yourself and shit your pants. That ought to do it. :smiley:

Stink bait?