I would like to shoot many people at excite.com

I would like to shoot them repeatedly. I would like them to die from my shooting them, just so I can kill them again.

I just spent one and a half hours, from 1:00 to 2:30, writing a looooooooooong stream of conciusness email, that meant very, very, VERY, VERY much to me. Because it meant so much to me, I clicked on “save draft.” Well glory be, instead of saving that priceless and irreplaceable email, it erased it. I poured my heart out in to that message, and excite lost it. Lost it. FUCKING LOST IT!!! I can’t EVER get it back!

I would like them to eat ground glass, and die slowly. I would like to sodomize them with a base ball bat coated in spikes. I would like to impale them like Vald Dracula did, let the weight of their bodies slooooowly impale them on a spike, aimed at their crotch, until they die of shock. I would like to cut out a peice of their heart, and eat it in front of them, like they did to me.

You believe in reincarnation too, huh?

It took me a good week using AOL to realize that that ‘quick and easy’ service would delete any email I recieved after I had opened it once, then rebooted.

Suffice it to say, Assholes OnLine no longer recieves my business.

"You’ve got mail! And, we’ve lost it!

My galpal has a similar problem, only with hotmail. Every time she forwards something, whether it is from her inbox or another folder, it literally forwards it…and the original message is gone forever from her mailbox. She’s tried several times to get tech support to give her an answer as to “why” but keeps getting some kind of nonsensical crap in response, as well as things she’s already tried way before contacting them.

I wonder what the hell’s up with these web-based email folks?

And don’t even get me started on an AOL tirade. Those people are on my last nerve.

Relic, did you get any answers from tech support at excite? I’ve had decent luck with their service so far (knock wood) and haven’t ever had the need to contact the techies. The only fly in the ointment I have concerning excite is alot of times their server is too busy for me to check my mail. That gets really aggravating while I’m at work.

Well, I know I have mail, I use the excite toolbar, but guess what? Excite Inbox is Currently Unavailable!! How sweet! So if I did get feedback, it in my unavalible inbox.

Yahoo! has worked for me for years now- I use my same ol account even in preference to my isp machine-based acct. No problems like the one you mentioned, except when I do something inadvertantly.

It doesn’t do that…it saves it to your hard drive…you have a “personal filing cabinet” that saves everything you send or receive.

They make me sick.

I think you may have to activate that. It’s under the Mail section in Preferences, but I can’t remember if it was the default setting or not.

I use http://mail.com for my private email and hotmail for the public stuff (mailing lists, SDMB, etc.) Though the popups you get with mail.com can get annoying, and webmail system occasionally crashes, they’re much more helpful than the MicroSnots. Hell, I even pay the three bucks a month for POP.

This sort of shit can happen no matter what mail service you use. Granted, it’s less likely with some than others, however you should know that if you’re typing something really , really important you should type it in Word or something like that. You can set Word up to back up every so often automatically, that way you will never lose your opus due to an error or glitch or anything like that.

Just some advice.

Excite.com can kiss my hairy ass. Then they can cram sausages down their ass and I can cram wild dogs down their throat. Then you can bury them in anthills in the desert sun until their raw and purulent hides have blanched like skinned almonds. Then you can make them eat circus peanuts.

No. I’m not bitter they don’t have an ISP in Canada these days. Why do you ask?

Yeah I’m pretty sure you have to specifically tell AOL to save your mail into the PFC. :confused:

I think I would die if I had to use someone else for mail… I’ve been my own mail provider for years and the thought of anything else just scares me :frowning:

Ya know, this title is a joke, I’m sure, but I find it in very poor taste.

Additionally, if you are writing an important message to someone, why in the name of Christ do you not use a text editor, save it occasionally, and C&P when you’ve completed it? I’m especially curious why those of you who’ve lost stuff more than once, continue with what is obviously a risky practice. Do you enjoy butting your head against the wall? I hope not saving your work isn’t your usual practice for business communications or school papers; I’ve made my subordinates, more than once, recreate their work, on their own time, if it’s lost and they have not followed the approved company procedures.

Even though I don’t miss their TV ads, I love their web-based e-mail and the online spades:)
I have switched ISPs so many times in the last 2 years that no one would know where to find me if it wasn’t for Yahoo!.


I’m sorry you find it in poor taste. I would never in my life actualy do anything like what I said, in fact, I am a pretty non-violent person. I doubt I’d have the guts to actualy punch someone. Speaking like that just happens to be a way I deal with anger.

I am going through a very dificult time in my life right now. In fact, you closed the thread in which I told my dear fellow dopers what was going on. When I started that email, it was meant to be no longer than a few lines. If I would have stoped to do what you sugested, I would have lost the outpouring from my heart. I was not thinking clearly, because I was upset, otherwise I would have used another account.

And lastly,

I am not your subordinate. I work for no one but myself.

I have had a yahoo! account on the back burner for a while. I now use it as my primary account. 'snot bad!


Now no one is to engage in hyperbole in expression of their emotions without fear of you raining on their parade if you’re offended?
Especially in the for christs sake pit?

I find the way you treated this thread and your subordinates in very poor taste, to be extremely kind.

Do you understand that your pronouncements kind of imply a little more weight than those of the average poster? And that it appears you’re gratuitously throwing your no-doubt ample weight around?

It is an innocous title, relic is a regular, and judging from his/her last post, nice person. Most of the other replies are offering solutions.

But you…


I’m a regular!?!?!? :o

Thank you, inor

I meant ‘regular, nice person’ as opposed to troll, anus dripping etc. :wink: (knew i was gonna get called on that- was at work- didn’t take time to clarify…)

You’re welcome, sorry bout the bad times…

So… you’re saying I’m not a regular? :frowning:

Kidding! :smiley: Like I care. Like it MATTERS :stuck_out_tongue:
[sub]right? RIGHT??[/sub]

And, eh, everyony has bad times. Things could be a LOT worse, so I thank God for that.