I would shamelessly like some internet hugs.

I’m just now breaking up with the Not-A-Boyfriend…I had another thread on here a few months ago about breaking up with him. The guy I saw for five years, who couldn’t commit to…anything. At all. (Yes, I’m an idiot.) I tried to hold on, but the pattern of breaking out sobbing about it every few weeks got to be too much. For both of us, really. (Please believe me that I did try to be cool. I’m too stubborn for my own good sometimes.)

He’d like to be a good boyfriend, but he can’t.

So, it’s MPSIMS and if anyone is online I’d like some stupid internet hugs. Because I need to go to sleep and it’s hard.

(I’m only a little bit of an internet attention whore.)

( )

p.s. His loss. He’ll feel jealous when he sees you with a hunky new BF


Here are some hugs coming your way, if only because I’m online and feeling happy.

I promise not to sing a lullaby to put you to sleep though. I have a terrible voice.

See - now you have been noticed. :smiley:


Thanks to both of you.

ETA: all three of you. I’m going to bed. I’ve been drinking and it’s very late here.

You’re mighty welcome. Always good pickin’ up on a babe on the rebound…
Seriously, though, I’m sorry. You’ll be better. Vent if you need to.


Sending supporting thoughts your way!

There there. Look at it this way…now that the anchor is gone, you’re free for you and SuperDuperWowieWhereHaveYouBeenMan to meet.

Ooooh, look! It’s a new beginning! Hugs.



Look at it as a learning experience, resolve not to make the same mistake again, and let it go. If you find yourself really, really wanting to see him again and get tempted to call, before you pick up the phone sit down and write out a list of things he did that hurt you.



Need some ibuprofen and a big glass of water as well, I bet. How 'bout a nice greasy sausage omelet with a side of lumpy grits?

Okay, that was just mean. I’m sorry. I hope your heart and your head feel better soon.


Hang in there… You’ll be happy again sooner than you think. :slight_smile:


Been there. Hang in there.

{{{MerryMagdalen}}} I think a whole lot of us could say “been there, done that, bought the tshirt”. It hurts now but gets better. Once you get over that awful hangover it sounds like you’re sure to have, go find SuperDuperWowieWhereHaveYouBeenMan, like ivylass said.

BTW, I really like your screen name.

Hugs from down here in the deep south, too. {{{MerryMagdalen}}}

I thought the same thing earlier this morning, only I wasn’t paying attention to the spelling. Now that I notice the pun, I like it even more!

Actually, the hangover’s not so bad. I just wish I didn’t have to work today.

Thank you all. Thanks for the compliments.

Oh, work will be good for you. Get your mind off things. Give yourself some time, and at the risk of sounding bitchy, he may not be able to commit…to you. Not your fault, not his, and use it as a learning experience.

Now, I will link to a lovely poem by Veronica Shoffstall called After a While.


I never pass up a chance to hug a pretty girl. There’s lot’s more where that came from.


Sit down with a cuppa cocoa or coke and watch some stand-up shows on Youtube. Always helps me and mine. Best of luck!