I'd LOVE to see ? and ? in a movie together.

I’ll start with joe Pesci and Billy bob Thornton.

I think a Christopher Nolan movie with Christian Bale and Brad Pitt would have a lot of potential.

Godzilla (the real one) and the Cloverfield monster.

Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford

:dubious: You’re kidding, right?


William Shatner and Christopher Walken in a wordy, dramatic scene with each other.

…as written by Quentin Taranteno

… and on an airplane, on whose wing one of them sees gremlins in which the other disbelieves.

Jessica Biel and Elisha Cuthbert in an X-Rated movie about the porn industry

If it wasn’t actually a porn movie but an actual movie about the porn industry with dialogue and acting along with graphic (non-simulated) sex, then it would be rated NC-17.

Count me in.