Identify that song: Olympic Ice Skating

Last night on the Olympics telecast there was a guy who was figure skating in overalls and a flannel shirt. He was skating to some harmonica-heavy 70’s southern-rock-sounding song. I recognized the song but I can’t think of what it is or who did it.

Whammer Jammer by J Gelis band.

Thanks! Although I guess J. Geils Band isn’t exactly “Southern Rock”, is it?

J Geils, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix; all a nice departure from the more traditional selections.

No sh*t? That’s frakking awesome. Anybody got a link to a video?

J Geils Band’s “Full House” is one of the greatest albums of all time.

Supposedly it’s here

But after installing Silverlight <as it requires> it still won’t play.
Microsoft really annoys me sometimes.

I found it, too. But I can’t get it to play. :mad:

worked for me

Hmm, after messing around with it all afternoon, it plays for me. My link is different, I think:

ETA: BTW, when I Google searched for it, I discovered that the harmonica boards are all over the story.

I couldn’t get Taomist’s link to play either, but Oslo Ostragoth’s worked for me. I only saw the tail-end of that routine when flipping through the channels the other night after “LOST” was over, so it was nice to see the whole thing.