Identify these Cartoons

Howdy folks,

So I was struggling to remember two cartoons, I don’t know if either was a series or just a movie released.

  1. This movie feature space ships and dinosaurs. I remember a triceratops wearing a bridle such that people could ride him. I remember having it on VHS in the early 90s.

  2. This is much older. I only vaguely remember it. It was an animated movie about the war between two ant colonies. My family rented it on VHS and mom made me turn it off as it was not a kiddy cartoon.

So Dopers, any ideas?

– IG

The first one is Dino Riders, a cartoon that was shown in the late '80s between Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends reruns and Robocop and the Ultra Police (yes, there was a cartoon and a toy line based on the R-rated movie!) Dino Riders had a toy line as well, and I’d dig up some images for you but I’m stuck at work.

The second one sounds like the Friz Frelend Warner Brothers cartoon The Fighting 69 1/2:
Of course, that’s not a full length movie
The only other thing sounds like it is the recent movie Antz, which isn’t old:

Both of these are eminently suitable for kids, though.

The first one was Cadillacs And Dinosaurs.


The first one does sound like Dino Riders. Cadillacs And Dinosaurs had no spaceships. Dinoriders was all about aliens landing on earth and battling with dinos.

RE Robocop

He had two cartoon series. Robocop and the ultra police, which I remember as being good, and Robocop Alpha Commando, which I remember sucking.

That still pales in comparison to another R rated movie being given a cartoon series-- Highlander.

He said TV Show, not arcade game!

It was a tv show! It was a comic first, though.

It was also a candy bar.

Dino Riders toy galleries: