Identify this 1980's movie - Astronaut is exposed to something and something happens

Yes, descriptive I know.

I have vague memories of my dad and brother watching a movie, or possibly a TV show in the mid to late 1980’s. An astronaut is on a space-walk and something unexpected happens where he is exposed to cosmic rays or some other weirdness.

He is brought back to Earth and shenanigans ensue. I left the room at this point because it had scared me, I fully expect to find it was about as frightening as Bambi, but I was pretty young. :slight_smile:


Astronauts coming back to earth having had weird things happen to them is a common theme, going back into the 1950s. I don’t know which 1980s movie you saw, but here’s a list:

**The Quatermass Xperiment ** (known as The Creeping Unknown in the US) – 1955

First Man Into Space – 1959

The crawling Hand – 1963

Monster a Go-Go – 1965

The Incredible Melting Man – 1977

Xtro – 1982

Xtro 2 – 1990

The Astronaut’s Wife – 1999

I’d bet "The Incredible Melting Man was the film you described, based on the date, although I don’t think there’s a space walk in it. The Astronaut’s Wife has a space walk in it, though, but it’s much later.

This list isn’t complete.

My guess is The Astronaut’s Wife - but was not 80s

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I’m 99% certain this is it, though I thought the space scene at the beginning was a lot more dramatic than that.

But then I thought the bar scene in Superman was a brutal bloody fight to the death until I re-watched it pretty recently.

Thanks Nanno, and everyone! :slight_smile: