Idiots at the 10:50 p.m. showing of Halloween

Dear BBQ Pit Forum,

I’ve read these titillating stories here before, but honestly never thought it would happen to me! 10:50 p.m. sunday night showing of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”.

We had the chatty teenagers who would not shut the fuck up. Even worse was their tendency to giggle and laugh during some of the most supenseful scenes. WTF is that? Is it an utter failure of the movie to achieve its desired effect, or just retarded teenagers?

We had the guy a few rows up who was SNORING through the entire movie. Snoring! How he slept through the giggling teenagers is beyond me. Of course every time he’s start snoring particularly loudly, it would just set off another round of giggling, this time at snoring guy.

And then of course the mother of the year with the 8 year old. This movie is much more graphic than the original, with lots of stabbings, blood and guts, scary-ass shit, and so on.

Now of course this is completely inappropriate for a kid that age, but what makes it more insane is that every time one of the women onscreen was naked or topless, the mother would say “cover your eyes honey! don’t look! I’ll tell you when you can open them, ok?” I am not making this up. Not a peep during all the stabbings and mutilations. At least a couple of the women were naked when they were killed, so the kid didn’t have to see those killings. :rolleyes:

The solution to the problem was literally right in front of you.


Violent, bloody, savage, yet cautionary stabbings.

You could single handedly change the movie theater culture. I would sell part of my CD collection to help bail you out.

In the interest of experimenting with less-lethal forms of behavior correction, I’ll be bringing a Bull whip with me the next time I see a flick. The kid that brings the laser pointer might need a couple sutures when I’m done with him. I’m only kind of joking ( about the whipping, not the stabbing, that’s mean).

Embracing the harshest of violence while shunning the natural beauty of a naked body is at its root one of America’s biggest problems. I can imagine a serial killer going into women’s homes, slicing them up, and then using a towel to cover up the body to preserve her ‘modesty’. It would at least be an unignorable reflection on how fucked up the USA really is.

You voluntarily purchased a ticket to a Rob Zombie remake of a slasher film that the studios refused to prescreen for critics. You must’ve known you weren’t going to be seated alongside mink-wearing debutantes with opera glasses. You’ll have a nearly identical experience if you attend a 10PM screening of the upcoming Haunted World of El Superbeasto. The only way to completely avoid the giggling teens or trailer trash mothers who can’t afford babystitters is to rent the DVD. Your only other option is to attend a matinee on an extended lunch break.

Same thing happened to the then-future Mrs. Garrett and me at a showing of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Every suspenseful scene the idiot teenagers would say things like, “Boo!” right before something happened. Plus they can’t sit fucking still.

I think it’s more indicative of stupid teenagers, not a bad movie. I remember when I was a teenager in the theater – I was quiet. Mostly because I was either into the movie and my mouth was “busy.”

Teenagers now are, by far, the stupidest they’ve ever been. I imagine it has a lot to do with parents letting daycare/nannies raise their children and/or not raising little adults.

I have to agree with **JohnBckWLD ** , the clear solution is to wait for the DVD and rent it for home use. Used to be years, now months. No huge plasma TV with expensive stereo which to equal the theatre experience, but even my modest TV and stereo makes for a more than worthwhile trade off. I give up the the big screen, but save a ton of money, and gain the ability to replay if I miss something, and the ability to pause while getting more popcorn or taking a “Comfort break”. Plus when the hero scores a big win I can jump up and yell “Die evil scum” and have only pissed off and made a fool of myself in front of my wife, not a whole theatre of paying patrons. She put me in the fool catagory permanently years ago, and chances are I have already pissed her off by my choice of movie, action movie instead of chick flick, so no net effect there.

I disagree. Teenagers today are pretty much the same intelligence as teenagers have always been.

Granted, the current crop are a bunch of disrespectful loudmouths with severe senses of entitlement, but that’s to be expected, given how they have been raised by their parents.

And mere weeks, I suspect, for this particular film.

Cinéastes may be delighted to find that M. Zombie’s future oeuvres avoid l’écran d’argent altogether and proceed directly à la vente bon marché.

Preach it! Dear God, except for the snoring guy, we could’ve been in the same theater! We caught the 7:05 showing Friday night. In the row in front of us and to the left sat a young mother with her two young boys. There is no way these youngsters should’ve been exposed to what was on that screen. The entire time, the Mom was talking back to the screen and her kids were laughing. The row behind us contained 3 or 4 other noisy young men. After EVERY act of brutality committed, the theater was filled with hysterical laughter! Not wow-this-is-really-scary-and-i’m-chuckling uncomfortably. Raucous laughter! Completely ruined the show. I will never go to a theater again. Netflix and Family Video are my friends.

Normally, I’d be sympathetic, but it was a Rob Zombie movie. Giggling, idiot teens are the target audience.

Teenagers never change. Sure, the trappings may be more modern, but generations of teens have been spoiled, acted foolishly, expected more than they earned, felt bulletproof, said stupid stuff, thought rudeness made them cool, etc.

There is really nothing new under the sun.

I should have used this method during the screening of Stardust. Two women in my row were talking throught the film, as if they were watching TV in their own living room. They obviously did not know what ssshhhh means.

Someone two rows away had brought something in a paper grocery bag. The bag must have contained a lot of stuff because this fool kept digging through it throught the ENTIRE SHOW.

On second thought…stabbing may be too good for them.

Theaters should hire ushers again. This time, in addition to the flashlight, the ushers should also be issued tazers.

I saw the movie in question, and I have to agree with the teenagers. I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the snoring guy, but I might have been. My only regret from your OP is that Rob Zombie wasn’t sitting right next to you, thinking, “God is the movie really this bad?” It is.

Forget the ushers, they should hire bouncers.

Maybe they’re related to the parents who brought the toddlers to see War.

I guess to be fair, the girl was probably four or five. Maybe. But the boy was still wearing diapers.

Nah, forget that. I have the answer in one phrase:

Ejection Seats.

Every seat would be equipped with microphones and devices to detect the light given off by cell phones that are “texting”, and should the level of sound or light rise above a certain level, BLAMMO! Off they go!

So how was the movie? I mean what you could concentrate on with the teens being jackasses.

Saoirse has already mentioned they thought it wasn’t so great.