If you don't like my advice don't frickin' ask

That’s it, I’m fucking done giving out advice. Every time I seem to give any advice the person asking just says ok then either asks someone else, a lot of times right in front of me, or just says that will not work.

For the most part I get this crap at work. Take today for instance. I make aeronautical charts, we deal with airports so we do a lot of sketches of airports from surveyors. Our charts are 4"x7" or smaller so we really have shrink down the drawings. So today one of the women I work with asks me how to do it. I say the easiest way is to shrink it down on the copier in sections and digitize it that way.

Instead, the second I show her how to shrink it to the proper size she goes and asks someone else. What the fuck did you even get me out of my cube hell for then? If you don’t believe me then skip the middle man and ask someone else.

That was just today, she does the same thing all the time. Not that she’s dumb or anything she, and others, like to ask me how to do something then just go and ask someone else.

The same type of shit happened when I tried to show my ex-wife how to ride a motorcycle. I tried to show her just the basics, she didn’t believe me, went to take a class, which is what I said to do in the first fucking place, then comes back and tells me I’m right. Well no shit, I took the fucking same class a couple of years ago so I should hope I know a bit about what I’m talking about.

The same shit would happen with other things too, playing pool I get asked something, and I suck at pool, and that person would say that can’t be right and ask someone else. Hell, once when bowling I got asked by my ex how I throw my spares, so I told her, she said no that’s not how you do it. I pulled out the book that I got the info from and fucking showed her.

So that’s it, I’m playing dumb, I don’t know shit about nothing any more. Fucking people just piss me off.

I don’t like this rant. I’m going to read someone else’s thread now.

Got any good tips on making meatloaf?

I hear you loud and clear, Edward.

I don’t see what’s wrong with getting advice from more than one person. Surely you don’t typically jump into action based on the first opinion you hear, do you?

Depends on what it is. Like if it’s for where something goes on a chart then there is only one place for most information. Or in todays case of how do I use the copy machine, then yes I would only ask one person. It gets even more annoying when they ask someone else while you stand there and hear the same thing again.

Or, as for some dumb reason I seemed to get asked, I’ve got three boyfriends, but I really like my ex-boyfriend and don’t know what to do, what should I do? Hell I got told, I don’t really want you to tell me, but what should I do. There is no answer the that question. That’s the kind of stuff I’m pissed about, they don’t really want my advice but ask for it anyway then tell me I’m wrong and have no clue.

If it’s something simple, sure.

I love it when people ask your advice, ignore it, screw up their lives and then go and only then do what you told them to do in the first place. :putz:

Maybe you are not particularly good at explaining things. Or maybe your style of explaining is not what that particular person needs. People have different styles of learning.

I can’t be just shown how to do something, for example. I have to actually do it myself with the teacher present. I also do better if I take notes on the steps to follow.

Even if he sucks at explaining things, you would hope the people would have enough class to re ask the question out of earshot.

My husband is a postal worker. Frequently, people will stop him on the street and ask him for directions. He will give them the directions, and then they argue with him, saying that’s not right. He can’t figure out how they can know that’s incorrect when he’s the one who’s lived in the area all his life, and they’re the lost person!

Just go ahead and pit me for this answer, but what Edward the Head is complaining about has a lot to do with whose from Venus and whose from Mars. Those from Venus are just gathering information and not ready to make a decision. That is the way things work on Venus. Those from Mars think a decision is the reason they were asked the question and they don’t understand how important gathering information is. It is not done that way on Mars. The real problem is they are interacting here on Earth. :rolleyes:

Ferret: It’s possible they came that way, so they know what they want isn’t there, or that his discription isn’t right, but still don’t know where what they want is.

Note that I don’t think that that is the case, I think they’re being jerks, but you did ask how it could be possible.

A revelation:

Women and men are different!

Is that what you were saying? Were you implying that women are the ones who ignore the answers and men are the ones who just say “thank you?” Or were you being sarcastic and I’m being whooshed? Your “:rolleyes:” implies that you could either be joking, or actually think it’s this way and think it’s stupid.

If the former…not worth a whole pitting. But, uh, not, and what a dumb premise.

Yes, Kniz, what exactly are you talking about?

Exactly, ok I might suck, but don’t keep telling me I’m wrong then grab someone else while I’m standing there and ask them. Say something like “I don’t understand” or “I’ll figure it out from here thanks” then find someone else to help, but while I’m standing there is rude. I thought it was quite funny though as she asked someone else who told her you can’t use this copier to copy charts, as I do all the time, you have to goto another building and use a different one to get the same result.

Oh my God! She just asked again how to do something even when I told her to not ask since she doesn’t like how I explain things. What the hell. :confused: Is there a wall around here I can bang my head against?

Believe me, you aren’t alone, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

Maybe it’s the burlap sack stuffed with leaves that you have for a body, Edward The Head, that is putting people off. :smiley:


I could have sworn I put a space in front of that URL …

Anyway, how’s this.

I asked another guy and he said I should just take a digital photo. :stuck_out_tongue: