I'll Kill The Bastards

This has been one of the worst two days of my life. Last night, some friends and I grifted some keys to a ‘real life’ haunted house on the UMKC campus (my college). Had some fun, walked the Plaza in KC, went back to one’s sister’s apartment. We returned the keys. About 11:30 my friend Jon and I decide to go home. I climb into my car and notice a wire from my stereo laying on the ground. Aw, hell, I think, it’s broken again. And I just re-crimped this wire. Jon mumbles something, and I do a slow pan to the right and notice a gaping, trashed, hole in my dash. Time slows. Someone has stolen my CD player. Someone has ripped it from the fucking dash, leaving the remains of my trim whoreishly mocking me. Someone has ripped the wires from the back of my stereo, leaving them strewn about the floor and dash, laughing at me. Someone has violated me, personally and physically, more so than anyone has ever in my life. Someone has forced their way into one of the few things I can unequivocally call MINE, and stolen my single most prized possession. I don’t own a house. I don’t rent an apartment. I barely have a room. The only thing that is wholy and completely mine is this tiny cabin in a small car. Someone has taken that from me. Someone has punched me in the stomach. While I was out having fun, someone and their friend broke into my vehicle, laid my seats back so they couldn’t be seen, ripped my dash apart, tore the wired from the back, and removed my CD player. Then, they leaned into the back seat, ripped my rear deck off, removed my subwoofer and box, and attempted to wrench my 6x9s from the mountings. Those speakers took me a combined six hours to install, front two and back two. The bastards should have known. It would take at least two to take them back out. They took every single CD that I own, some that I have made myself, honing for hours, just to get the perfect order to the songs contained therein, to get the perfect emotional impact. They stole not only from me, but also two of my best friends, whose CDs were with me at the time. They attempted to force the ignition, utterly destroying the keyhole and a large part of the column. They live somewhere in the apartment complex. I don’t know who. But they have to. My car is NOT one that would be coveted. It’s someone who’s listened to me pull up, someone who’s looked in my windows before, fogged them with their dirty, filthy breath, waiting for their chance to destroy me. Someone watched over me, and knew what I had. I don’t know who it is. But if I find the bastards, I’ll kill them with my bare hands. God help them.

I must be an adult now, because I am no longer innocent. This is hatred. I’ve not liked many a persons, but never before have I felt so much a primal urge to twist someones neck until broken. These bastards deserve to die.

This was in the ‘barrio’. I am not a racist. But I will hate every single illegal immigrant, lawn care working, rusted out econoline driving, dirty, sweaty, greasy, mexican bastard that I see pulling up into this $200 a month apartment complex to walk in to his filthy wife preparing food for his twelve unwashed children. I will find out who this is. But each and every one will be hated equally until I know exactly who it was that did this to me, that violated me and mine. Insurance will replace most of what has been lost. But it doesn’t make it right. I now have to pay $100 to have something back that was MINE in the first place. I bought those CDs with my money working in a restaraunt for three years. I bought that car with money I got working construction for two summers. And I bought that stereo with money received upon my graduation from an institution in which I spent twelve years of my life. I earned it. I earned every damn bit of it. And it was taken from me. Taken by someone who hasn’t known what it’s like to finally be out of school, to graduate, to be free of childhood. Someone who probably doesn’t even speak a good assemblage of my own native tongue. I will punch this bastard in the face. Break his nose, bloody his eyes, burst his lip like a tomato, sitting too long in the sun. Bruise his temples, smashing the bloodflow to his scalp. Punch him in the neck, right in the adams apple, taking from HIM his ability to speak. Ulcerate his stomach, forcing him to vomit his crude meal over his dirty pants and old shoes. The bastards had no right. I will find you. Pray. You’ll need all the help you can get.

Homer, I know how you feel, been there six months ago. And you cannot be certain what race was the thief.


Man, that sucks. I once had EVERYTHING I owned stolen at once, not fun.
Just remember what the Buddha teaches: all material things are transient.

1 CD player car stereo. Used. Out-of-box, some damage. Also many CDs, Cheap! BR-549

Should you find the punks and exact your murderous revenge, I hope that when the authorities send you away for life you can at least comfort yourself in knowing they won’t be stealing another freaking stereo.

Been there. Had a new car I owned for less than eight hours stolen. You want to talk about an insurance nightmare.

Best of luck, and don’t project your hatred to an entire race of people.

One more thing.

I’m sorry, I really am, but I’m still laughing over that one.

Well, a few comments- until you got to that last paragraph, I was going to say you could comfort yourself knowing you’re a really powerful writer…I feel your pain!

If it makes you feel any better at all, I had a stereo stolen once with a whole bunch of tapes (no CD’s then) and I got them all back when the cops busted the people and confiscated everything in their apartment. Be sure to file a police report.

Also, I’m sorry that happened. Sounds to me like worse then having your property stolen, you feel totally personally violated. That’s an awful feeling and I sympathize with you.

A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

True, I don’t know for certain the race of the thief, but I know that they live in the complex, and that the complex is about 95% hispanic.

And Seraphim, you lack something integral to intelligent literacy. The ability to read inside the text. There is subtext to my entire message. Perhaps you should scour it again, perhaps this time you’ll get it. It wasn’t just a fucking stereo that was stolen. Hopefully someone will steal something from you, something you have worked years for, and something that you have rightfully earned. Something that would take the next three months, every dime of every paycheck, to repurchase and rebuild. Hopefully someone will take from you something else. Something no one will buy, something no one can give but anyone can take. Something it has taken your whole life to build. Your peace, your innocence, and your trust. Your peace of mind. My CDs were contained in their cases in a rigid and well defined system. Every one had it’s place, and none were out of place. Ever. Now, they are being leafed through by a grubby, scheming hand, being listened to by undeserving ears, and being placed randomly and willy-nilly back in the cases. Perhaps in a pathetic sham of a system, not mine. They were undoubtedly laughing at me as they listened to me slam my door and curse. Do you want someone to break into your house while you sleep, lay in your bed, use your sheets, your blankets? Reset the presets on your TV, someone to look through your clothes, maybe touch the panties you will tomorrow wear? The truth is that material things are but material, and at the same time immaterial, but in taking my material things from me, also has been taken many things which can be replaced by no one save God.


Peace to you.

BTW I’m sorry I seem racist in that last paragraph. Let me requote myself in edited for to those who I’ve offended with comments of race.

Again, it was intended to mean that disgust for all members of the complex is distributed equally, and being mexican was mentioned only because it is the dominant race of said complex.

BTW, if it seems odd that I am constantly replying to my own topic, it’s a form of therapy. It helps. And in RL, I talk alot.


Sorry, but the whole racial hatred thing sickens me. I’ve been ripped off, mugged, even shot at. The mugger was black, the shooter was white, the thieves were unknown. By your reasoning I should hate blacks, hate whites even more, and have a general hatred of everybody else just on general principles.

What the hell?

My truck has been broken into twice, but only once was something taken. Although they tried to get my radio, evidently they didn’t know how, or thought it was too much trouble; I have one of those Kenwoods that flips its faceplate around when the ignition is cut, and evidently they didn’t know where to get a hold of it.

Despite the fact that I had a radar detector in plain view (a Valentine One, too), the only things missing were two rolls of quarters I had in my armrest compartment. They didn’t even take my CDs, possibly because the one on top of the stack was Andrea Bocelli. Nothing like an operatic singer to frighten off the punks.

I figure it was probably my neighbor’s kid’s hoodlum friends. I went out and got an alarm so sensitive it blips when my neighbor starts his motorcycle. Just let 'em try it again…

Tim – it’s outrageous that this happened to you. I had something very dear to me stolen a few years back with no hope of recovery, and it still makes me feel sick inside when I think about it. I hope you can find out who did it so you can take legal action, with whatever limited satisfaction the system can give you. The violence would only get you in trouble (and wouldn’t help you feel more secure) but venting is good, too, I guess. A whole race of people or all the residents of an apartment complex didn’t steal your stereo, just one or two assholes (but you know that, of course.)

I do hope things get better soon.


I hope you’re feeling better about this from writing- your posts are already sounding a little less “crazed”.
Also (to all), I hate racism as much as the next guy, but try to remember that Homer obviously posted in a fit of anger the first time and has since apologized for the Mexican comment. We all say things we shouldn’t when we’re really pissed.

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s a better day! :slight_smile:

A friend is someone who likes you even though you’re as ugly as a hat full of assholes.

Sorry somebody jacked your stereo dude, but your wimpy little attempt at appology over the sickening things you wrote about Mexicans doesn’t get it in my book. I’m contemplating turning you in to the moderators for some of the most hateful and bigoted stuff that I’ve ever read out here.

Because you were upset about your widdle stereo doesn’t make it OK that you wrote some of the bigoted trash that you did.

You need some help dude.

If you guys can’t tell, I’m not exactly rich. So I’ve thought of a perfect anti crime method for my new CD player (purchase date TBA). I’ll get one of those screaming things, that when you pull the pin, it goes off at about 200 dB. Then I’ll attach one end to the steel crossmember, and the pin end to a screw on the unit. When it’s pulled out, REEEEEEEEE. Okay. So it’s not perfect. Anyway, I’m also passivistic. It’s nice to pretend. And TennHippie, I know you’re a smart guy. I’ve read your posts. Read mine closer. And tomorrow, people, tomorrow is I-week. Oh yeah. Hopefully things will brighten up.


::visions of new pit topic “Homer is a violent, racist, bastard”::

We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first “lost generation” nor today’s lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.

Watch out Homer, Fantastic User (aka the original Contestant # 3) is considering turning you in to the moderators.
I guess he recognizes their authority after all.

I realize you were really mad. Really violated. Really needed to get lots of steam off of your chest. BUT, this is a public message board. You are judged by what you say, even if you say things in anger. To say such sweeping things about groups of people is wrong, even in anger.

As a piece of advice, the next time you utter this sentence, just stop talking. When I see this sentence, I usually prepare myself for something more than awful to be said. I sympathize with your loss. I believe its very healthy for you to type it out and get your feelings out. But, please, in a public forum refrain from saying such nasty things about a group of people.
BTW, you didn’t seem racist in that last paragraph, you were racist.
Sorry about your loss.
Hopefully the police will find the people and get some of your stuff back!
Good luck.


Ask yourself this: In ten years how will that stolen CD player make a difference in my life?

Sure, it (would have) given you alot of ear candy, but the intrisically value of it is the fact that your life did not depend on it.None of your material posessions are worth dying over. What is more important is that you were not held up at gun point for this CD player. Your anger towards the thief would have then turned to either nightmares, or if you are macho inclined ( and what college aged guy isn’t) put you into the hospital.

Suck it up to another lesson from the University of Hard Knocks from the course “What I save and work really hard for someone else steals.” because it will happen again, only not with a CD, but worse, something that cannot replaced by an insurance company: an idea, a friendship, a loyalty…

BTW, if that is your definition of the worst day of your life, I kindly invite you to traipse over to the Most Traumatic Experience Thread and read Shadowfox’s tale.

Homer, you are acting like a baby.

Yeah, getting your stuff stolen sucks. Been there, done that, would have bought the tee-shirt but that got stolen too.

Guess what?

I’d trade ALL of my stuff to see my mom one more time, to kiss her and tell her I love her, and thank her for everything she did to help make me the person I am today. And how she did a great job raising five kids, and to NEVER listen to people who told her otherwise!

And then to blame it on a race in general as opposed to the individual who did it is really sad.

Get your priorities straight. You sound like a goddammed lunatic over a CD player!

Yer pal,

Once again, Satan is the voice of truth and reason. Good call, dude.

Dopeler effect:
The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.