I'm coming to NYC. Anyone wanna hang out?

I’ve already made some tentative plans with other people both from the boards and elsewhere, but if anyone would like to get together, that would be great. Maybe a lunch or early dinner or something.

I’ll be arriving early the morning of Thursday July 8, and leaving around midnight Sunday July 11. Most of the time I’ll be seeing shows (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings, and either a Saturday or Sunday matinee), so I could keep an afternoon open for something. It’d be nice to see you guys in the summertime for a change…

I still don’t know where I’m staying, but I hope to iron that out this week.

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw it out there. :slight_smile:

Tea? Algonquin? Midday Thursday or Friday?

Why, I’m charmed! Either day would be fine for me, since the show matinees are Saturday and Sunday. :slight_smile:

Is it pricey/dressy? Just so I know what to pack. I’d have casual stuff like khakis and nice shirts packed for the shows, and simple stuff for the wandering around time.

I’m giddy with anticipation! :smiley:

No dress code. We’d meet in the lobby for tea—meals can range around $25, but we can just meet for tea/drinks/coffee, which is fine with me (trying to keep my girlish figure).

I’ll wear something nice anyway, since I’m honored to be invited to tea by you. I’m a light eater as well, and I’ll be traveling on a budget.

Email me and we can hammer out the details. scottevil@ca.inter.net. Friday might be better, since I arrive at the Port Authority around 7 AM, and won’t have much time to get to wherever I’m staying and freshen up.

davew0071, in LJ, has suggested a Friday dinner. The only thing is, I’ll be seeing a show at 8 PM Friday, so it’ll have to be somewhere in midtown or thereabouts, and maybe a bit early, like around 5 - 5:30 PM. (I don’t know about you guys, but most Montrealers consider that very early for dinner. I’m more than happy to adapt. Besides, I have a show to see.)

So I’m going to try and drum up some enthusiasm… drum… drum… drum…

Wow, this is going horribly… :eek:

Hm… if it makes you feel any better, I’m reading about your plans for NYC, even though I can’t be there myself. :slight_smile:

Yes, but you’ve come through for me, and now I’ve got a play to stay, so I can see more shows and not worry so much about how much I spend on food. :slight_smile:

biggirl has come on board, so the laughs are guaranteed.

And since I’ve got a place to stay, the rest of you can come out of hiding. :wink:

Where are we going? What shall I wear? What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
If you leave it up to me to suggest something, it will be in Brooklyn.

Girl, we need more people on board. It’s a big city. WTF is wrong with you folks? :wink:

Actually, midtown or downtown (maybe even America?) would be best, since I’ll have to rush off to see a show a little after 7 PM.

Hey, I had my birthday party there! Love the place.

What day is this again?

I’m game if I’m welcome… I work in Midtown, so anything works for me.

Anyone care to join Scott and I for tea at the Algonquin Friday at 1:00? Unless Scott would prefer to keep this a twosome . . .

If he is open for more company, the Algonquin is literally right around the corner from me, so that would work well… If he wants to keep it a twosome, I would, of course, understand completely.

How about dinner?

It would be Friday the 9th or Saturday the 10th, around 5 - 5:30 PM, midtown or downtown. If a Friday “after work” thing is best for those who work in the City, then that would be perfect. As I mentioned, I’ll be scooting off to see a show around 7:15 PM (last time I was running late, and I don’t like arriving at the theatre 10 minutes into the show, and out of breath, even if it was Taboo).

The only restaurant I’ve been to more than once is, of course, America, so if anyone has any other reasonably-priced suggestions, that would be great. :slight_smile:

Indian on 6th street off of 2nd Ave is much cheaper.

If you want a Midtown place, and you like Thai food, I’ve heard that Bangkok House on 8th and 46th is great food, and great prices (looking at their online menu, the most expensive entree is $17, but they have a prix fixe for 15.95)

That’s just one option.

There be many places to eat that are much cheaper and better than America. I may even join you at some, but I can’t plan that far in advance at the moment.

I will issue one caveat-- you know about the possible Actors Equity strike, right?