I'm constantly confusing:

The show **‘Oz’ ** with the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’. I can’t help it, everytime I see the word **Oz ** in print I think Wizard Of.

**Swampbear ** and Gobear. :eek:

Lately I’ve been catching myself confusing **Aesiron ** and Alessan, at a quick glance. Which makes no sense, since one of them is an e-mail pal and the other I hardly know!

How about you guys? Please tell me I’m not the only one doing stuff like this!

As a child I confused Winston Churchill with Walter Cronkite, often.

I have a hard time with START vs. SHAKES, even now.

Have you, er, seen Oz, the HBO series? Because, if you have and still confuse the two, maybe there are some themes in The Wizard of Oz that I didn’t quite catch as a kid.

I often get Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro mixed up, also.

Yes, I’m afraid you are the only one. We may have to have you put down.

I think you could have stopped right at “I’m constantly confusing” and you would have been perfectly accurate.


As to your OP, I noticed in a thread yesterday that Astorian and Asterian had post right after one another. I don’t think that should be allowed. Or aloud.

Sarah Michelle Geller and Sarah Jessica Parker, which is sad because I love Buffy and I hate Sex in the City.

No I have never, ever, seen the HBO series and probably don’t intend to. So at least I have a legitimate reason.

I get **START ** and **SHAKES ** mixed up, too, but Winston Churchill shares (shared) my birthday, so I always knew who he was.

Oh, and Shib? Hush! :slight_smile:

Well you should, if only because OZ is the best TV show of all time! rabid fangirl screaming

I these Dopers mixed up frequently: Aesiron, Alessan, Aeschines, Astorian, Anastaesaon. All start with Capital Letter A, have an ‘s’ somewhere in the middle, and end with an ‘n’. A-s-n.

I have trouble keeping the “A series” Dopers straight too. Also Sam Stone and samclem.

Aesiron must win the prize for most often confused Doper. For no logical reason at all, I confuse him with silenus. Moreover, I confuse both of them with someone who was hit by a car and broke his leg, and who may or may not be bald with a bright Hawaiian shirt in a DopeFest photo. I’m not sure if I’m confusing 4 different people at this point, frankly.

indygrrl, andygirl and hardygrl - and I’m pretty sure I’ve screwed up at least one, if not all, of those names. One of them lives in my neighborhood.

Aesiron and Asterion and Astorian, yep yep yep.

DAVEW007 and at least three other Daves, one of which is Airman Doors - maybe. I think.

Debbie Reynolds and Doris Day.

Cary Grant, Gary Cooper and (for some insane reason) Rock Hudson were all the same guy in my head for a long long time.

Nowadays I can’t tell Jude Law from Jake Gyllenhall from Josh Hartnett. I’m pretty clear on who Judd Nelson is, but for awhile I thought he was Judd Hirsch.

Selleys (who make glue) and Shelleys (soft drinks). For years I thought it was odd one company made such disparate products.

OTOH I was also sure there were two Yamahas, one that made pianos and one motorbikes - couldn’t possibly be the same company.

I have not the faintest idea which one is Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Connolly, or Angelina Jolie.

That’s an easy one. They are respectively Big Butt, Big Eyes and Big Lips.

Cecil and Ed.

Al Pacino and Dustin Hoffman.

Drew Barrymore and Brook Shields.

Coke and Pepsi.

me, myself, and I

A thread similar to this one was started around August, 2004.

It talks about distinguisihing Rip Taylor from Rip Torn; Patty and Cathy Lane; Betty and Veronica, etc.

**Kimstu & Wolfstu.

Desdemolytus & Diogenes the Cynic

jjimm & yojimbo**

rosemary and oregano [the herbs]

Maine and Massachusetts [only when writing enveloppes]

My left shoe and my right shoe [when tired]

For some reason, just about every time I try to spit out “Siegfried and Roy”, I say, instead, to my husbands utter amusement: “Sigmund and Freud”.

Me: “I wonder what ever happened to Sigmund and Freud.” (discussing the show “Father of the Pride”)

Hubby: “Well, old Freud’s been dead for a while, now.”

Me: “Oh, damn. Cat finally did him in, huh?”

Hubby: “…”

Here I was expecting five-letter-words from you, Anastasaeon:wink:

I don’t wear shirts that have more than three colors on them and I’m constantly brushing my hair out of my eyes and behind my ears so I’ve no idea where that idea may’ve come from but I *am *the idiot that got hit by a car and broke his leg two months ago so you’re confusing three of us, at most, not four.

Either way, if the West Coast 'fest happens as planned, I’ll be sure to have a photo taken with him to either settle the matter or further confuse you.