I'm flaming the entire SDMB

Ok, you leaking lama holes, you know who you are. My nick is aha ok? That’s a three fucking letter word. Count the letters with me mullet heads. 1 is an a, 2 is an h, fucking 3 is an a. Got it? And it ain’t the same name as the 80’s rock band. That band’s name was* A-ha *you pecker lickers. Notice that it has a hyphen in the middle of it, that is not the same as aha without a fucking hyphen in it, is it scrotum suckers?

And another thing, the first letter is *not * capitalized. If I had wanted the sonofabitch capitolized I would have capitolized it. When in doubt look to your left in the thread margin idiot…see there… see it? There resides my frigging nick. All you have to do is look to your left and type while looking at it. Of course for most of you knotheads that is just tooooo freaking hard ain’t it? You probably have the attention span of a fucking golpher with it’s ass packed full of strychnine so you just type the first thing that enters that two inch thick skull and into that vast waste land that passes for a brain don’t you?

Ok one more thing maggot pukes. When used in a sentence aha is an exclaimation of suprise. You know like the suprised look on your parents face when they found out they were gonna have a sniveling watered-down version of a human being such as yourselves. The word aha has been around since before your grandparents were busy marrying their own brothers and sisters.

So lets review,

  1. The word aha is in the public domain. That means free for the taking to you illiterate english language challenged, high foreheaded kissing cousins.

2.No hyphen in it. Don’t know what hyphen is? Look it up Billy Bob.

3.Not capitolized…That means the first letter is bigger and looks different from the following two. Quit smelling your fingers for a few minutes and try writing it down a couple of times. aha,aha,aha

Ok all clear?

Oh and one more thing…

Hey… I was ONLY KIDDING!!, I love all you guys!!!Call me what you like… just be sure and call me!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Uh-huh. Sounds bout the same.

I think I’ve got it. Not ABBA, not A-ha, but aha.
Now if only there were a phrase to help remember, something like George-Eagal’s-Old-Grandmother-Rode-A-Pig-Home-Yesterday.

Content: 9
Originality: 9
Verbage: 8
Length: 7.5

You getting there.

Shakespeare couldn’t spell his name the same way twice and he did OK. His was harder to start with, though.

Ah! A flahame from AHA. Ah ha! Now I get it. “A ha! ha! ha! ha!” she lahaughed. Thahanks, aha, even if it wahas generic and not personahalized. I’ll treasure it. It’s something I’ve been wahanting, ah, a long long time, you know? Really.

Thahank you.

A-ha, don’t sugarcoat it, what is it that pisses you off?

And all this time I’ve been spelling it backwards.

That’s right! Do you see any big gleaming tin dome painted to look like marble on top of his username? Do you see congress meeting inside of it? Do you see it parked right at the end of the Mall? No, you don’t, do you? So stop capitolizing his name! Jeez, I can’t believe you people!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get this song out of my head. Taaaaaaaaake oooooooooooooon meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Me thinks aha got a bee in his bonnet, or a burr under his saddle, or someone pissed on his steak.

What brought this on?

I would hate to think what you would do if someone butchered your real name. < shudder >

It was pretentious and idiotic when e e cummings did it, but at least it was original. Now? It’s the scum found on a locker room floor after the rugby team gets done. I’ll capitalize whatever the hell I want.

[1 is an a, 2 is an h, fucking 3 is an a]

Gee, that’s a lot to write every time, but if you insist…




Yer pal,


Three weeks, two days, 12 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.
940 cigarettes not smoked, saving $117.55.
Life saved: 3 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes.

Some of you guys just to continue kick my nick in this thread even though I explain everything about it to you. Ok you lousy bastards, one of these days you are gonna want me to introduce you to Ed Zotti and JDavis (just as soon as he becomes my friend) and let me tell you something. The ones that just keep on kicking my nick **will not be introduced ** you will just be SOL. That means shit out of luck for you dickpickers that don’t understand a simple acronym. Comprenday vou?

Satan you are the exception…I consider bag-licker a complement coming from you. And besides it shows me that you know what a hyphen is. Stay with me brother and you will be up where the administrative eagles soar on this board.

If not well then what the hell. :slight_smile:

Can do, but here’s a flame for you.
(was that {img}… or img=… Screw it. You got your kick up, that’s enough before coffee)

The only poster to have been flamed by Satan - in the past 10 minutes

aha, if I promise to follow you around from forum to forum agreeing with everything you say and tell everyone I come in contact with how unbelievably cool you are, will you introduce me to Ed and Jerry (when Jerry becomes your friend, that is)?

Cool people like you guys are, er, well, cool. And thanks in advance.

and bingo was his name-o.