I'm frightened of you

I am.

Normally, i’m a rational 90s woman (oh, hang on…) who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to gingerly ask in a small voice for it, consarnit. I know what’s what, who’s who, and occasionally when’s when… but here… sheesh.

Ummmm… can i play?


If you find a copy of the rules, can I borrow them too?

(welcome aboard)

Rules? You mean there are rules? Hmmm…you really do learn something new every day.

But I have a feeling the OP here was in response to another thread. Correct me if I’m wrong.

judging by your post you’ll be an asset to the boards.
Don’t worry, you trip up it’ll likely be in a small way.
Someone’ll correct you. They might do it hard or nice. If hard, give what you get back, if you feel like it.

Have fun!

Nah, we’re harmless.

::goes into the kitchen, whips up a plate of brownies and brings it to Fran’s house.::



I searched and searched for [sub]the rules[/sub], but i couldn’t find them. I did find 10 pence though, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

::cheerfully wanders off::


Ah, a fellow UK Doper.

Ah, I get it. It’s like you English people speak a whole different language ;).

From one newbie to another Francesca - welcome to the boards. I still don’t feel like I know what I’m doing but its fun learning. I hang mostly around MPSIMS - too intimidated for GD - maybe in a year… Look to Inor to make you laugh (if thats what you want) - he has some great stream of consciousness threads - very funny :). I think I’m beginning to have a crush on him. (but don’t tell anyone - I’m embarrassed about it) :wink:

Anyway – all you can do is jump right in. And have fun.

(maybe crunchy frog will restart his welcome wagon thread [hint, hint]) :slight_smile:

Them those “special” brownies? hehe… dont tell her.

Hi Francesca!

I understand your fear. Believe me. I’ve been here for nearly two years and over 4000 posts, and this bunch still scares me.

Hang here in MPSIMS for a while. Get used to us. We don’t bite unless you ask us to. Oh, and share the brownies. Otherwise we’ll show up at your house with flaming torches and force you on to the roof, like in Frankenstein.

We’re funny about chocolate. :smiley:


I’m still new, and probably not qualified to give advice, but,

Don’t worry. What can they do to you? Yell at you by typing in capitals, is about the worst. Unless you really offend the moderators, they won’t even kick you out.
There are a thousand reasons why people are reluctant to post here, but fear need not be one of them. True, these are people, but they can’t harm you through a modem.

“Sticks and Stones”, sputnik.


There’s really nothing to be afraid of. The electrons can’t jump out of the screen and bite you. But if they suddenly start acting up, just let me know and I’ll come to the rescue with my Virtual Sardine Autocannon Of Doom©.

Nah, they’re normal brownies. We save the “special” ones for the ones we don’t like :smiley:


Welcome to the board, Francesca

Let’s play. Just nose around, jump in where you feel like it, have fun and we’ll do the same.

Although not necessary, if you want to find out how to do any of the cool stuff you see here like:

linking to a really cool thread.

Or anything else, the easiest thing is to click on the quote button and see what the user typed.

Hint–If someone asks “How YOU doin’? :D” Flirt back like Hell.

  1. don’t be a jerk

  2. feed Lynn Bodoni chocolate (lots of chocolate)

  3. Hi Opal!

Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

No need to be afraid. Just ignore the sig and all will be well. :smiley:

Welcome aboard Francesca. Hurray! I am not the newest neewbie anymore… Not to worry I was nervous too, and now I’m an old pro… (I think I have posted Oh, about 6 times already)

Correction 16 times… gosh I am a chatty one aren’t I? Actually it’s that darn new math!

Don’t worry, I’m scared of them all too…sobs DON’T HURT ME!