I'm getting married!!!!

Virtually, of course. I figure hey, everyone else is doing, why can’t I, right?

My future virtual husband, Doobieous, and I got engaged to be married about 5 minutes ago in #straightdope. I’m sure we’ll be very happy together. So, wish us well. We’re getting married at the topless drive-thru wedding chapel in Reno, so we don’t need a wedding party. Just your kind words and sincere blessings will be enough.


I’m so happy!!!

watches their virtual happiness through the virtual window as the virtual rain beats down and sniffs. All his dreams and hopes dashed, he’sa shattered man, a broken figure, a mere shadow of the man he used to be. All these feelings and emotions swirling inside him like a chinese pot pouri dinner he turns away to go and write a country music song

Congratulations! You two always did look good in print together.

2 happy couples in one week! What’s in the water around here? (Now I’m jealous. I want a virtual bride!)

congrats!! when are you actually doing it?

My virtual wife Silver and I will live a long happy life of virtual happiness together. I couldnt be happier. This day, i virtually devote to my one, virtual love, Silver.

Always and forever, these moments with you, are just like a dream to me, that somehow came true…


wanders over next to dpr

Hell with marriage. Wanna have a virtual fling? :wink:

dpr, it sounds like you could really use a virtual umbrella, raincoat and galoshes right now.

No, virtual depression is much better when one is virtually soaked through but thanks for the offer.

::Silo sprays slvr & doob down with silly string::

::'here’s your honeymoon!!!:::


Darn, I shoulda brought two cases of silly string. :D:D

Um…Doob? Have you informed Silver Fire that there will be no “virtual consummation?”

What the heck are you talking about?? We’re going to do it. Repeatedly. For a long time. And it’s going to be great! :wink:

So Doob is going to be virtually straight for you? How sweet!

Hmm, Mrs. Tique just doesn’t sound right…


Oh, neat! Congratulations, you guys!

::tosses rose petals at Silver Fire and Doobie::

(Good thing I didn’t throw 'em all at iampunha and Palmyra’s engagement thread.)

but you did…

Congrats, Silver Fire and Doobieous. My you be virtually happy the rest of your virtual lives.

Now…are you going to have a virtual reception, so we can get virtually inebriated?

        " **

Gratulerar (congratulations) from me.
I hope you will be happy together.:):slight_smile:

Of course! Nothing but the finest virtual liquors,wines, and beers! AND it’s free too…we ain’t no cheap skates!

Have you started selecting bridesmaids, etc., or are you eloping? I’m a really good crier, so if you have a wedding with invited guests, I could sit in an aisle seat and sniff audibly (how’s this ::sniff, sniff:: ).